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Why should you pay student loan first?

Why should you pay student loan first?
By Karan Kapoor
Student Loan is a very long term burden on the shoulders of any person who takes them, we will evaluate whether we make student loan a priority payment or not. 
Most college graduates with a student loan, bear that burden across adulthood. Yet you may be affected by your student loan debt.
You may ask whether you should include your student loans in your debt service schedule, or if you should think about early payment of your student loans. If you can, there are some compelling opportunities to focus on getting your student loans paid off as quickly as possible.
Reduced Debt-to-Income Ratio 
 A compelling argument to pay back the student loans is that your debt-to-income ratio would become lower. It means, when it is time to purchase a house or borrow money for a car, you have more money available.
Not only can you be out of the interest fees once, but you will also now be able to meet your other financial ambitions more quickly. Plus, you will get the option to spend the funds you would otherwise pour into your student loans. Then, you can just focus on creating money.
It will cost you more than you know 
Also if you take advantage of the tax exemption on student loans, you can know how much money you spend each month because of both your student loan bill and interest. Based on how much student loan debt you have, the bill will eat up a large portion of the budget.
Once you pay off your student loans, you will be able to save quicker for other financial ambitions, such as investing in your first home with a down payment, taking a holiday, building an investment account, or setting up your own business.
Get rid of Financial Anxiety 
You can focus on paying off your student loans if you want to alleviate the financial burden. And if the student loans are at the end of the debt payment cycle, focus on staying out of debt and not raising the amount of debt too. 
Being on a budget and having a debt payment plan will help clear up your debt and encourage you to stop thinking about money. Once you first graduate from college, it should be a part of your program.
It is inescapable 
Many people who are frustrated by student debt loans believe bankruptcy will offer a solution to their dilemma. If you claim bankruptcy, though, it is unusual for the student loans to be forgiven in the process. There are a few ways you can get rid of your student loans — disability, death, or certain student loan waiver services apply.
There is no way out of student loans. You should prefer to pay for it first. 
Reasons you should not pay the student loan first 
  • You do not have enough money at the moment 
  • You have other debt too

It is totally a personal choice, whether you should pay your student loan first or not. It is always recommended to give it your first priority because it is inescapable and it reduces much of the financial burden.