Privacy Policy

Being in the business of collecting and disseminating information, BankQuality is committed to ensuring the utmost confidentially of the information you provide. Information is gathered when you complete our surveys or feedback forum. Information is also collected when we contact you should you signed up as an online panelist.

The following guidelines are adopted to ensure privacy of all information collected is maintained.

1We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of security and confidentiality with regards to your contact details, and the nature of your relationship with us.

2 We will not forward any names and contact details we receive from respondents, be it through the Feedback Forum, the Excellence Program or any other regular survey that we conduct throughout the year, to any bank.

3 The information you submit to us, both personal and content related, will not be used in a manner that runs counter to the respondent’s interests.

4 We will not sell, lend or give away your personal data.

5 We do not allow third parties to edit or copy our database. This also applies to all our sponsors.

6We will not allow any third party who is not directly employed by The Asian Banker to access our repositories of respondent data. Neither will third parties such as banks or sponsors be permitted to contact you on our behalf.

7We will assure the integrity, independence and objectivity of the data, even though this website is sponsored by several parties. The data will not be handed over to our sponsors or to any other third party.

By providing us with information on yourself, you are undertaking an agreement that our privacy policy affords you sufficient assurance about our commitment to the highest standards of privacy, to the best of our ability.

We value our relationship with you. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:


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