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Matthew Pohlson
The worst services ...
I was super excited when I first opened my account with Capital One but turns out it was the worst mistake of my life. I have got nothing but issues from their end, the debit card is messed up I cannot use it. The security is so tight that I don’t even receive OTC codes because I carry a prepaid cellphone. My experience with the bank has been terrible and I won’t recommend it to anyone.
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Jack Davis
Capital One Group
Great Rebuilding Credit...
Seven months ago, I had terrible credit somewhere in the mid 600s. Capital One was the first bank to take a chance and gave me an unsecured credit line. After five months of perfect payment history, they automatically gave me a credit increase. I was pleased about that. This morning, I checked the online site to see if I could upgrade my card to earn rewards for my purchases, and I got it! It was super quick and easy to check, and without a hard pull on my credit, I upgraded to the Quicksilver card! Capital One has made it super easy for me to rebuild my credit. Plus, their app is easy to navigate, and it’s nice to access a credit score continually.
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Kyle Robertson
Worst Services...
I had a credit card with Capital One for 5 years. And, all of a sudden they mailed me saying they are lowering my credit limit. When I called them to know the reasons for it, they say that the limit is decreased due to low usage of the card. After all the efforts you put in to ask how can I increase the limit again, they say that there is no specific method. Furthermore, the customer supervisors are rude and give vague answers to the queries. They don’t care if a customer remains with the bank or not.
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micky jones
My 360 account is amiable t...
My Capital One 360 checking account online is easy to use and helps me keep my finances in order. Once you set up all the companies you pay for every month, I receive reminders in advance to settle those accounts.
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Jimmy Smith
Capital One Group
Best Bank Services ...
I have had this credit card for more than 13 years. Their customer service has been wonderful. They have always helped me with any customer disputes. The rewards are very generous and I have gotten so many free coupons and rewards regarding net banking services.
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Mark Wilson
Capital One Group
Terrible Banking Expertise...
Capital One Group mishandled my dispute and because of their recommendation on the way to proceed, I lost $2000 from a seller for a service that was never provided. Capital One never returned calls or followed up and failed to keep correct notes. It's currently been nine months since I initially filed the dispute and that I simply had to file with the BBB to urge facilities to maneuver this on. I’m a protracted-time client with a good history and that they refused to possess up to their mistake. Terrible expertise and super frustrating.
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Martin Williams
Capital One Group
Good Credit Card Services...
I appreciate the Capital One cluster for acknowledging ME as an individual and not only 1 of the numerous cardholders. You recognize, however, that it's once a family will base their character on your past. I had a horrifying year in 2019, with a car accident, therapy, etc. Thus I had a tough time maintaining my payments, 2 out of three cards were restricted, as well as the valuable job card that I worked thus seriously for. I had these accounts for approx five years or so insensible standing before 2019. not like one or two of my alternative card firms with constant history and same quality, they did not care and forthwith sent my accounts to collections. My sensible score plummeted over a hundred and eighty points to 580. The Capital One cluster failed to leave ME high and dry. I was referred to as in and therefore the CSR told ME my account was restricted. I had no plan what that meant, however, once I talked a lot along with her, it was over, done wearing down the credit.
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Anthony Oliver
Capital One Group
Impossible to transfer Fund...
My account at Capital One keeps getting blocked due to absurd amounts of security and I have to call customer care every time to unlock it. It's almost impossible to transfer money. Also, there is always a long wait on the phone with customer service if I want to resolve any issues.
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Henry James
Best Bank Services ...
I was a credit card customer at Capital One for 8 years, opened a savings account 1 year ago, and recently opened a checking account. The perks and bonuses offered are top-notch and I have found their services to be very reasonable and have found that the key is to read the account and bonus rules very carefully and then follow the rules and schedules. The easiest thing to do was to put the deadlines on your calendar and check them occasionally. It's a small expense for big rewards.
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Hanna Baker
Experienced Good Customer C...
This review is for one specific service, i.e Customer Executive. I am a City cardholder and today I had the pleasure of speaking with Almeda from the Citi Customer Careline. I had a huge debacle with a balance transfer and Almeda was more than wonderful in helping me sort it all out. She was pleasant and helpful and went above and beyond the other service executives that I have encountered via Customer Careline. I appreciate her service towards me and helping me and resolving my concern issues.
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Marry James
Poor Customer service ...
This has got to be the worst bank in the world. Having merely transferred funds between 2 accounts in my name inside Citibank, my account has been locked since 27th July 2020, with no access to funds or the power to send them a secure message. I had 2 phone conversations with them, I sent 2 emails to their security team, and that I additionally wrote to them, however still no access, that is sixty days now! I've registered a proper criticism with the monetary investigator, sadly, they do not seem to have abundant use either. Once I purchase it back to my account, funds are going to be transferred to Mr. Smith, World Health Organization I even have to mention area unit a much better bank. Having withdrawn most of its operations from the United Kingdom, I cannot see Citibank continuing to trade with such poor client service.
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Maria Smith
RBS Bank
Long association with RBS b...
I've had this bank for 9 years and haven't had a problem. Traveling plenty want to grow my business and that I would like to mention that I got full support from this bank 24/7 they're always available for help. I’ve been very surprised when I've seen numerous bad reviews. I'm pretty sure that an infinite part of the reviews is fake. On my behalf - RBS is the best bank, with the best banking app and therefore the best customer care support.
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Paul Brown
Bad Customer Care Service a...
I waited for 3 hours within the bank to cancel my account. When it was finally my turn they refused to cancel my account despite me having all the documents needed to cancel. once I asked them to indicate to me where within the contract it says I'm not allowed to cancel my account and what documents were missing I used to be told it had been my problem to work it out. Horrible service and horrible attitude overall. Avoid any quiet association with this bank.
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Jack Harrison
Great online banking servic...
I have been in association with Barclays Bank as a customer for the past 3 years. I like their online net banking services as I use their card very frequently. Due to my online transactions, my card is used on various sites and apps and I never experienced any delays or any kind of errors while purchasing anything anytime. Last month I had some confusion regarding this service, so I called the bank’s customer care number and immediately got connected with one of their representatives. So their service is quick and secure, no waiting for long hours just get your problem solved in a few minutes.
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Rose Willams
Barclays Bank
Rude Customer Care Experien...
I closed my Barclays credit card account last year, and yet they continue to charge me an annual fee that I did not pay which caused my credit score to go down. I never got a single bill. I went to solve this issue at their branch and I connected with one of the customer care executives, his name was Mark, he didn’t listen to my concern and told me I can’t help you in this case. I asked him to meet your branch manager after reminding him so many times I got to meet him. He said that we will resolve your issue but it will take time. Spend long hours just to clear one issue and that too was not solved first hand. Still have to wait for their reply.
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Rachel marry
Worst customer care service...
Capital One is one of the worst MasterCard companies I’ve ever been associated with. Their customer service isn't knowledgeable and useless. I’m at home airing the phone with these people for 45mins to urge a replacement card because mine expired. I spoke to 4 different people in 4 other departments, and not one person could help me. The last person I talked to was Jasmine, and she was insulting and arrogant. I asked her to speak to the manager on multiple occasions, but she refused, telling me her manager was just there to assist them and not the customers. She outright and blatantly refused to resolve my issue. I’ll NEVER use this company again.
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Nancy Jane
Bad Experience with Capital...
I had an account with Capital One MasterCard that had a $2000 limit. I want to pay money for it and obtain my payments there on time. One month, they added a late fee and said that my payment didn't get there when the statement clearly showed the amount found a minimum of two days before the day of the month. I kept trying to pay off this account, which they kept adding charges to. After that, they closed my online account and informed me that they were taking me to court. I kept writing letters and got no response. They sent me not one but two warrants. I want to jaunt Richmond, which is nearly 4 hours away, for the court. Since they probably knew that no-one would drive that far, they took out a judgment and told me they intended to collect anyway that they may. I repeatedly tried to tell them that I’d paid the monthly payment, but they'd not even answer my emails.
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Ajit yadav
State Bank of India (SBI)
Not maintaining social dist...
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Milley Jane
Barclays Bank
Worst Online Banking servic...
I am pissed off with the services of this bank. Its app doesn’t allow me to add a beneficiary given the right time. I have had the complaints done three times last week. Still, I am facing the same problem. We are living in the technology world, but we are not able to add a beneficiary. What is wrong with this bank?
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Dev Harrison
SBI Commercial and International Bank
Good experience at SBI Inte...
The first bank where I opened my savings account is the State Bank of India. Becoming a customer of this bank I am using its ATM, Internet Banking, Phone Banking services. On the other hand, I took a small loan from this bank. The application for the loan was very simple, after finally submitting the amount had credited to my saving account. My saving account was opened in the year 2013 through the online application, I just submit the hard copy of all documents to the bank's branch manager. Moreover, the services are excellent, in terms of availability of branches and ATM, the banks are best and suitable for all kinds of people around the world.
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Zoe Jone
ICICI Bank: International F...
ICICI is one of the most noticeably terrible banks regarding client support. My genuine solicitation isn't to open an NRI account with ICICI. I raised a contested exchange and the reaction was most noticeably terrible, I sent 20 messages over the most recent 25 days and settled on 5 telephone decisions, with each call worth over an hour's stand by. After this still no reaction to my issue. Incredibly helpless assistance and could never recommend it to anybody.
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Charles Jones
State Bank of India (SBI)
Bad NRI service...
I am frustrated with the NRI service. Now the bank has been decentralized and the service is almost a nightmare. The interesting fact is no one knows any system properly and even the bank managers are not ready to do anything more beyond their daily routine. It is hilarious to see the staff not knowing which swift code is closed. Anyways, they do not have enough time to answer queries from other banks through MT195. All in all, it was a horrible experience I had with the arrogant rude people, and even after 90 days, my problem has not been solved where other banks do it within 2–3 working days.
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Jimmy Lai
Shore United Bank
Difficult to do business wi...
I moved my business account from a big company to this branch, and while the move was simple, I have problems with Business Banking every day, and I'm not in a position to get hold of my Business Manager.
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jacqueline tycoon
Banque Transatlantique
Never Helped properly...
We've been a client for 30 years. We've got a French mortgage for 15 years now. So, a good track record you'd dream about. At the beginning of September 2017, we deposited a check for EUR 10,000 on another French bank account, so the money was completely assured. We sold our caravan and decided to go on an unforgettable holiday. Since then, we can only remove a limit of EUR 200 per day or a total of EUR 600 a week. The holiday had to be postponed because it was a touring holiday in Europe lasting a month. EUR 600 a week was not enough to meet our daily expenses, including petrol. But we're being paid with any withdrawal we make. It is now the end of November, and after submitting a formal letter of complaint (written in French) at the end of January, the situation remains the same.
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Glen Fiorage
Alliant Credit Union
During the Covid 19 Pandemi...
I have been a member of the Alliant Credit Union for over 30 years and have used many of its programs. It's all great when everything's natural. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, my company experienced a considerable loss of profits. I promptly told Alliant Credit Union in the middle of March 2020, and I was assured that my payments would be put back and that my credit would not be affected. It was not the case for all my programs. They deal with other third-party organizations who call themselves the Alliant Credit Union though they are not. I bought insurance from the Alliant Credit Union for peace of mind if I lost my job or if I was sick, my loan payment will have been made. It has not happened. I didn't have any security. My credit had been tarnished, and it did not appear easy to restore it. I believed the word of Alliant Credit Union and its members, but the fact is they don't listen and don't care for your back at all. When I wanted them the most, they were MIA. My advice is to ask many questions before I use it.
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Vicky Hummon
Santander US
It is the worst bank I've e...
It is the worst bank I've ever seen. Take control of them. I got the Santander Approved Check from them, and I deposited it in my daily branch. When my usual bank called Santander, they declined to try it out. Then I made a phone call with my bank to Santander to try and have the check validated, and after at least 1/2 hour and several changes to various customer support and managers, I still couldn't get the approved check checked; what a lovely thing is Santander if a simple phone call can not review their approved bills. My bank has confirmed that they have never had a problem like this with any other bank.
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Gloria Linnin
Woodforest National Bank
I wish I could not give a s...
I wish I could not give a starred review. Too many lies from the Woodforest National Bank, no electronic deposit on the same day, no next day, The electronic deposit is made after a particular hour, also on Friday, no later than 7:00 a.m. This bank is just one giant lie. It is fake publicity that is blatantly misleading to the media. Yeah, I almost forgot, they tell free notary, well, who knows, there's no someone out there who can notarize anything. It is fast food banking, the most challenging thing. You're never going to have it that way.
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Alyson P
First Citizens Bank
I'm continuously getting st...
I'm continuously getting struck over the bill of the fee. I still check the amount of money I have before I use my debit, but sometimes they don't put a price up until days afterward, I suppose. I went over 85 cents and put the money in my hands a couple of hours later. Five days after that, I was hit with a draught. A couple of times, I was charged with the draught, then I added all the fines, and a couple of times, I wasn't over. When I sent out the auto draught and didn't have the bank's money in time, I was paid an insignificant sum of money, and I understand why. In time, I didn't have the money in the act. It was entirely my fault. If I only go over 85 cents, and that's just because it says I have money in my action, then I deposit my check on the same day to charge me over $30, that's ridiculous.
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Joeseph Kimley
There's an explanation of w...
There's an explanation of why BMO isn't one of the big three banks. They're phone banking hurts, taking too long to get in, and then nothing. Haven't seen a right branch in years, and the customer support associates don't have the resources to chat about. They all seem not to think about it, and they're super sluggish, stood in a four ppl line, and served after 20 min. Three tellers were working, too. BMO wants to update its in-person and telephone banking facilities. The next time I go to a branch, I'll be closing the account.
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Tony Matt
Radius Bank
The worst financial experie...
The worst financial experience of all time. I've had this account for only two weeks, and there have been more than a few issues. No one at this organization is inspired or willing to help me fix either of these problems. Customer support is inadequate. No boss is really "available," and the only response you get from the workers is to wait or call back later. Seven days lock on the most effortless 100 dollar transactions. Best of all, I've got my debit card for a week already, and they somehow can't make me trigger it. It's almost amusing how easy transfers are too tricky for Radius to tackle. All this experience was frustrating and a massive waste of time. To someone who reads this, go to some other bank to save yourself the trouble.
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