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Latest Ratings And Comments

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Josephine Chow
I am really satisfied with the service. the charges they apply for any service (fund transfer, atm ...) Is all quite fare. I just want them to make proper 24 *7 call center service even for their 811 account holder.
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Lee Yongyong
Fast and Stable service...
Officers quite knowledgeable about their products. Bank makes good use of analytics to predict what to offer to the right customer apparently. Fast and stable online banking platform.
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Siu Chiu
Bank of East Asia Limited
Not Enough Branch...
Bank of East Asia Limited- they don't have a specialised personal banking branch which makes it crowded and time-taking. The security guard was assigned to give out queue tickets - he was inefficient, old and was not responsive. When I tried to register my address while creating the account, they took a lot of documents like affidavits, address proof (which only house owners could provide - not convenient for house renters), driving license, etc. They would make many spam calls, I had to block them. The only good thing is, they have the best machinery for cash deposits. It is super easy.
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Asif Ali
Qatar National Bank
Why you should choose this ...
I approached Abdullah at Qatar National Bank Villaggio branch for help on a cashier order purchase as I had to rush off (parked my car illegally on the street ) and wanted to get my trusty staff member whom I had brought along to purchase it on my behalf. Upon understanding my urgency he immediately offered to assist me in preparing my cashier order and did it for me in under 3 mins. I am very pleased with his service and would like to recommend him for exceptional service attitude and diligence . His customer mindedness exemplifies why businesses and individuals choose qatar national bank Villaggio branch.
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Irfan Majed
Standard Chartered
Best Bank in Malaysia...
Banking with Standard Charted Bank's user experience is good. Ease of use and efficient and their application is user friendly while maintaining high security.
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Cécile de France
Bank BNP Paribas
Opeaning a Bank account is ...
Opening up a bank account In BNP Paribas is not at all an easy task. The paperwork is excruciating, and there’s a lot of guesswork involved. The Forum takes time in understanding my concerns and sometimes fails to provide me with competent solutions. Although the environment is really friendly there, but personally, I feel that the services lack insincerity, timely resolutions and most importantly, customer satisfaction. I have remained as a customer for 8 years now, and from my end, I have never failed to keep my account maintained and have always complied with their policies. However, sometimes due to the faults in their network systems, I don’t receive immediate text alerts on my transactions through my debit card. I think improvements are due in this bank.
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Foon Xing Zuan
Worst App by Vietcombank!...
I have used VCB smart OTP by Vietcombank and is the worst online app I have used. The app always crashes. When I ask my bank about this issue, they tell me to come to their branch. After I went to their branch, I deleted the app, signed up again and reinstalled it. But still, the issue continued. After a lot of tries, the app wouldn’t work. I found it to be a very big mess as I had difficulty in using this app. whenever any update comes, the app again crashes, and it only supports the LabanKey and Gboard keyboards, and not third party keyboards. Okay so when I try changing the keyboard, It still wouldn’t work. The app is really slow and I can’t even access my transactional history. VCB needs improvement in this app. Not recommended.
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Samuel K.
Not quite enjoyed using the current account from OCBC bank. It’s not technically a current account, but the 360 Account offers day-to-day banking. I have a hard time keeping up with the transactions as the online banking which comes with the bank’s services is a failure in its speed, processing of transaction details, and even if I have to pay through the online application, then payment gateway issues become a hurdle. I have used this for more than 2 years, and for the second, year, I received an interest rate of 2.95%, much less than the promised rate of return on my deposit of S$70,000, and when I tried taking this up to my bank branch, they sent me away telling me it will be resolved within 72 hours. When it wasn’t, I decided to withdraw the services. DO NOT EVER go to this bank!
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Roger Micknelly
AmBank (M) Berhad
I am very satisfied with my...
AmBank is very much suggested if you want to invest in a savings account. There are many different savings accounts available and it is almost hard to decide which one to choose from as all of them offer a lot of extra benefits, the customer service staff helped me entirely through the whole process of understanding which savings account would suit me best and they were very patient and had a listening ear to every bit of my query. I went through accounts like eFlex, eFlex-I, True Savers Account, Everyday Savings Account, and many other accounts. I took up the ‘Everyday Savings Account’ wherein I am getting a free monthly statement from my bank and receive a monthly Interest which is credited directly into my account. I am completely satisfied with this bank’s service! You should try it as well!
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Victor Gonzalez
Was Not satisfied with UBS'...
I opted for UBS Bank for their help in my investment research through their retail investment products. I was not quite satisfied with their overall service. I and the Investment banks from UBS had to meet on a constant schedule of 4 days wherein I was given presentations but nothing was impressive enough. The research on the market was incomplete, and certain important portfolios were missing out of the equation. After four days, I wasn’t quite much satisfied with what I had got in my investment portfolio, the stocks that were doing well but were sure to fall soon. I consequently withdrew my services from UBS Bank.
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Atul Arora
Was Satisfied with their we...
Wealth management at BNP Paribas bank is as good as it gets. They have experts sitting in their branches whenever I visit them. They always know what the right stock is, whether it is the right time to invest. The wealth management professionals at BNP Paribas provide good solutions, insights, and suggestions when I call them for a meeting at my office. This is a personalized service that I enjoy. They also have deep expertise in real estate, private equity, and project financing. The online part of it is of the same efficiency. I can receive instant alerts on unauthorized transactions, if any. The security is effective in the online application of this bank. Try this bank for wealth management.
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Willie Cartner
Forum Credit Union
Improvements are due in thi...
Opening up a bank account In Forum Credit Union is not at all an easy task. The paperwork is excruciating, and there’s a lot of guesswork involved. The Forum takes time in understanding my concerns and sometimes fails to provide me with competent solutions. Although the environment is really friendly there, but personally, I feel that the services lack insincerity, timely resolutions and most importantly, customer satisfaction. I have remained as a customer for 8 years now, and from my end, I have never failed to keep my account maintained and have always complied with their policies. However, sometimes due to the faults in their network systems, I don’t receive immediate text alerts on my transactions through my debit card. I think improvements are due in this bank.
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Best debit card services!...
Withdrawing and depositing cash has become so much easier for me ever since I received my ATM card from Post office Savings Bank (POSB) in Singapore. I actually liked how the minimum limit for the withdrawal is set to $10, and the maximum to $5000 per day. Also, when the bank gave me this platinum ATM debit card, they did not charge any fees for it and it was like it was complimentary. I am saying this because many banks charge for this, but POSB didn’t. The most interesting feature is that I can also deposit cash in my bank account via my debit card through the POSB ATMs as they give the facility of depositing cash. It does not even take much of my time, only 5 minutes per se. So overall, convenience is something that I get from my bank and I am really happy about it! Please open an account in POSB if you want a relaxed and easy banking.
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Jose Hernandez
Banco Santander
I did not like this bank's ...
I opted for Banco Santander for its foreign exchange (Forex) services 2 years ago when the rate of exchange percentage was as low as 4.36% and I could easily convert my dollars to euros at a very low CETES fees and could buy a dollar at $18.56 and sell at $19.35 which was convenient for me and overall it cost me around $100 for any international funds transfer. But now, the rate of exchange has increased exponentially to 7.30% in TIIE per month, and 6.95% in CETES and 6.46% in IDU per month. Now my overall processing cost for an international funds transfer costs me around 250 US Dollars. This is a blatant increase as I have to cut costs on a lot of personal levels while transferring funds. It’s costing me more than I thought it would. Undermining foreign exchange services.
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Mira Fuller
Post finance gives overall ...
Wow! I would recommend using the Post Finance Bank as your primary financial service provider. I like how simple it is yet is an ideal account as a salary/pension account. The bank and the managerial staff are very systematic in helping their customers with their resolutions and I felt that I was given everything in my hands without having to do anything apart from just informing them about my problems, and also, I especially enjoy using their online banking Post Finance App, and it becomes facile for me to manage my day-to-day finances easily. I have been using the savings account for 2 years now and haven’t faced any major issues that would affect my personal financial life. You must surely use the services of this bank and it won’t disappoint you. That is a promise!
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Dana Fuller
Credit Mutuel
Has the best online banking...
My bank Credit Mutuel offers me the best internet banking services. Its online banking app is very efficient and accurate. Everything and every section are precisely outlined, detailed and when you open a segment, every information comes out to be detailed. I like its features. This app lest I manage and hold the information of my multiple accounts and gives me the ability to schedule payments in the ‘manage my calendar’ section for every account. I like how multiple accounts can be facilitated together. The savings account offers me a good return on investment and I am really happy about it. The bank’s environment is also very friendly and they cheer me up with positive solutions every time I go to them regarding any complaints. This bank is recommended! Commendable Services!
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Trent Collins
ANZ Bank
Very bad products and servi...
I never expected a drop of 0.6% in my earning interest rate which I get in my ANZ advance notice term deposit. I am a customer of ANZ bank, and when I bought this account, I was guaranteed a fixed 1.60% p.a. for 8 months, after that, the expected return on investment was said to be 1.3%, but it dropped to a surprisingly low of 9.98%. I was very shocked. When I called out to my customer service; even though friendly, they were unable to resolve my issue. I demanded an explanation but noting concluded. Then a month later, this issue was finally resolved and my interest rate retreated to 1.3%. But this was a grave inconvenience for me. The customer service needs to improve.
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Zachariah Juan
United Overseas Bank
Worst in personal finance!...
United Overseas Bank’s finance services are the worst! They finance cars on a very high-interest rate which soars up to 13.1%, over a term of 5 years. Everything else is good except for this part which leaves me in a very tough position to manage my funds likewise and maintain my vehicle on a daily basis. My total expense apart from the basic price of my car cost me two times more than I could have wished for. The interest alone for 5 years amounts up to SGD $36,200. Further, I also faced inconvenience in terms of Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) as they once deducted the EMI before the designated date of every month. This had an undermining effect on my credit score. I was really disappointed with the personal finance services of this bank. Not recommended.
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BDO Unibank
Best in Auto Financing!...
The BDO Unibank is the best when it comes to providing Auto loans and giving a good insurance policy. I took up this bank to finance my newly brought car loan. Earlier I had tried to get my car financed from other banks like AMA Bank but they were charging a lot of extra money for unnecessary documentation and other fees like that, and the interest rate was also high around 11.2%, but when I took up this bank as an option, I was only charged a chattel mortgage fees, and a first-year motor insurance premium. They also have this option where the insurance premium covering the entire term of the loan can form part of the amount to be financed. The interest rate they charged me was 8.36%, way less than what others are charging. I recommend this bank to others.
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Vinnie Matthews
Standard Chartered
Best bank for my corporate ...
Standard Chartered Bank has the most competitive corporate finance services. This is a tried and tested place to go to for your corporate finance needs. The Bankers are good at what they do and it seems like they have a vast knowledge of the international market. The Standard Chartered bankers worked in full strategy to give me the best solution to acquisition for investments. The team was supportive and I enjoyed their services! I have been banking with them for the last 12 months, and every time I was in the need of financial turnover, they have provided me with the right advice always! So for budding investors or entrepreneurs, this is the perfect bank for your needs!
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Uang Xin
United Overseas Bank
Best in savings account and...
United Overseas Bank is a very good bank. I am a customer since 2017. Since then they have provided me with good customer service, and I did not have any inconvenience in operating and managing my account. I am glad I chose this bank. The customer services people here are extremely helpful. Paperwork doesn’t take much time. The fall below fee on my ‘Uniplus’ Savings Account is as low as SG $2. I was allowed an international ATM card as well and didn't charge me any fees. Really appreciated and I would recommend this bank to all of you!
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Danial Wan
AmBank (M) Berhad
Not delivered what was prom...
I am a customer of AmBank and am using the bank’s TRUE Savers Account under its Savings account services. I would not recommend using this bank because my experience was not up to the mark. The account promised to pay high interest rates on returns but I am currently getting a meagre of 4.89% p.a, which is not promising at all! Secondly, whenever I am making a transaction via AmOnline, it delays a lot and sometime there are very irritable network issues do to which my transaction gets cancelled midway. That is a huge burden to clear with my bank. Nah, wouldn’t recommend using this service to anyone. The Bank really needs improvement in their savings account services!
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Rattice McKinney
ANZ Bank
Very low returns on investm...
I did not enjoy using ANZ Bank’s ‘ANZ Premium Cash Management Savings Account. I was informed that through this account, I would earn a tiered interest rate up to 0.75% p.a. which could work for me, given I’d be investing more than $10,000 every month in my account, but this did not happen. It had been 25 months since I had started using my account and I thought to check up on my returns on investment, but it turned out to be 0.27% much lower than I had expected, still, I went to the branch and told them about this and they said that my interest would depend on my total balance, which was very disheartening to hear. Although it was in the terms, since almost all this while, I had maintained a steady balance, which would have made me high returns, I decided to immediately withdraw my services from this bank.
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Samuel Dean
Citibank Singapore
Very poor online banking...
Although the professionals at Citibank Singapore helped me getting my savings account to be opened and active in an instant, I did not feel comfortable while using the online and mobile banking from this bank, the online banking does not let me save the beneficiaries I’m transferring money to or vice versa. Overall, the services aren’t captivating enough and look below par to me. And though the bank gives me SMS alerts on each of my transactions, whether I debit the money from ATM or transfer it to somebody using the internet banking, I often do not get an SMS until 2 hours after I have made the transaction, which is a major delay and confusing as well as those are also an important means of staying updated with the balance. Thus, Citibank Singapore needs to improve the personalized banking experience for its customers.
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Jamie Wuan
AmBank (M) Berhad
Very user friendly savings ...
I had opted for the ‘eFlex’ savings account from AmBank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I went to the bank to open up a new savings account, I found that the banking staffs were very cooperative and I was made to go through different savings account options in detail. I liked the ‘eFlex’ acc. because it offered me insurance on my deposit up to RM 250,000, and gave me the flexibility to earn high interest which is equivalent to a 3 month fixed deposit rate. Also, there are no limitations on the minimum amount you need to deposit and that is what I liked about the service! Completely user-friendly and genius! I would recommend using this account and the bank!
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Corentin DeSilva
Credit Mutuel
Extremely poor customer ser...
Although, it is a large bank, but personally for me, Credit Mutuel failed to satisfy me as a customer. It becomes really tiring when you are constantly in a run after the customer service officials, persistently asking for their help in the matters you don’t understand and they do nothing but delay your problem resolution. Once, My Bank Card got lost in the streets of Nantes, France and I called up the customer services to immediately block my card, and instead they kept asking me irksome questions like the details of my bank acc. and so on instead of asking me the right questions about the details of my card. I even visited the branch and told them about my problem to which they told me the card will be blocked within 15 hours and for the next three weeks, I won’t be able to withdraw any money. And for getting a new card I could only apply after three weeks. I tried speaking with the higher authorities as well, but I had to wait for weeks before I could apply. I won’t suggest anyone to use the services of this bank. Annoying.
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Sophie Brooks
User friendly home loan and...
OCBC has the best user-friendly home loan and personal loan banking services! I mean it is very unlike other services I have ever seen before. The customer services are commendable as always, and during my tenure as a customer of this bank for 5 years, never for once have I felt the need to change my services. The bank lent me 78% of my property’s total valuation amount, which was more than I could ask for, along with the paperwork being very easy. The bank branch has a very friendly environment as well and it’s easy for me to get my things done whenever I visit my physical branch. Also, the interest rate is quite manageable and offers me low monthly installment payment options. Overall my experience with the bank so far has been great! If you are looking for a bank that offers a good loan service, I suggest you give this one a shot!
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Tony Darko
Forum Credit Union
Best Bank for Checking Acco...
Forum credit union is the best credit union I have ever been involved with. This forum eases my entire process of banking by eliminating guesswork. They are thorough in whatever they do. It’s been 7 years since I have remained as a happy customer of this Union. I am using the checking account services and I enjoy informing you all that It is really easy to deposit money into my checking account and is always hassle-free. The customer service remains to be exceptionally phenomenal and they are the nicest people I have dealt with when it comes to banking. What I like the most about my bank branch is that it’s neat and clean and offers a friendly environment. They help in meeting all my business needs. If you are going for a bank offering good services on a checking account, I suggest you give them one shot at least!
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Violet Chase
best for Digital Banking ...
BDIV is the best bank for digital banking! The bank has made use of outstanding technology to create something so user-friendly! The registration form is excessively interesting and engaging. As a checking account customer of this bank, I have opted for all the services in Digital banking, which are mobile banking, online banking and also a debit card. ATMs are easily available, and the online banking website is also easy to understand and operate. Doesn’t take much of your time to learn it, and the mobile banking app is amazing! Recommended!
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Molly Hernandez
Tired of running around to ...
To be honest, I have run tired of pursuing my bank’s every day after such trivial things! As a customer of Vietcombank, I am not at all delighted when I say this – The customer services of this bank are slain and the staffs show a callous attitude towards their customers. I have seen them argue with senior citizen, and patience lags to resolve any customer issues. Further, my savings account service isn’t very stupendous. We have to wait for hours in long queues before even speaking to an executive. Wish they improved at this aspect.
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