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Latest Ratings And Comments

Read the Latest Financial Institutions Reviews and comments from their customers and users.

Scott Reiner
 Wells Fargo
Worst Service...
I got a savings account in the Wells Fargo and I want to tell you that their customer service is very bad and fake. They took nearly 3 months to open my net banking facility. I went there almost every week back then and what they usually say is that they will message your password soon. But they don't. It was really a headache. Sometimes some workers their don't talk with you nicely even after pleading after them. Only the ATM facility is good. The bank is really not appreciable.
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Dharmendra Yadav
Axis Bank
Axis Bank very poor service...
Phone banking is even worst. If you loose your card and want to inform, forget it. They make wait in recorded messages for days
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Harsh Sureka
ANZ Bank
Asset management services a...
Anz Bank in level 16, corner of Hunter and Philip Street, Sydney, NSW Australia, is not up to the mark when it comes to asset management services. I have been banking here for 3 years now and I haven’t gained so much after having invested in assets in the mutual funds suggested by the bank’s money managers. The overall client management of the bank did not feel like a priority concern for the banking officials. I wanted a bank that would provide the right consultation to me regarding smart investments in mutual funds to lose as little as I could. However, unfortunately, I did not get anything of that sort and since then, I have wanted to change from this bank to a better one! Not recommended for good Asset management services.
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Manuela F. Cirjaliu
Deutsche Bank AG
Really engaging customer s...
Deutsche Bank is the best bank in the area for all its lending services. The bank has experienced people working in it who assist with even the smallest matters. The Staff are nice and help you understand the terms of the loan agreement and all technicalities associated with it. I am a customer of the branch in Bilbao, Spain itself for the last 6 years. I have never encountered a major problem with my bank in my entire six-year relationship with the bank. I have been paying my mortgages on time and have received bonuses for my outstanding record. The bank further has this policy of calling upon their customers and checking whether they require something and it is like a regular follow up. Overall, the bank has a very engaging customer service. Highly recommended!
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Peck Ying Tan
Not a good Bank, Took my mo...
They take your money and hold it for 3 or 4 days wait for the lowest point in currency and lock your amount there. Untrustworthy better not take risk..
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Craig Richards
 ING Bank NV
I recommend ING bank for co...
ING Bank has the most competitive corporate finance services. This is a tried and tested place to go to for your corporate finance needs. The Bankers are good at what they do and it seems like they have a vast knowledge of the international market. The ING bankers worked in full strategy to give me the best solution to acquisition for investments. The team was supportive and I enjoyed their services! I have been banking with them for the last 12 months, and every time I was in the need of financial turnover, they have provided me with the right advice always! So for budding investors or entrepreneurs, this is the perfect bank for your needs!
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Kobus Paulsen
Engaging customer service!...
Lloyds Bank is the best bank in the area for all its lending services. The bank has experienced people working in it who assist with even the smallest matters. The Staff are nice and help you understand the terms of the loan agreement and all technicalities associated with it. I have never encountered a major problem with my bank in my entire six-year relationship with the bank. I have been paying my mortgages on time and have received bonuses for my outstanding record. The bank further has this policy of calling upon their customers and checking whether they require something and it is like a regular follow up. Overall, the bank has a very engaging customer service. Highly recommended!
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Austin Singh
Barclays Bank
When I comes to Baking, Bar...
Barclays Bank is the best when it comes to online baking of any bank. It is very proficient and understandable in many terms like its function, and well-divided categories make it easy for me to choose between my passbook and my account balance at the same time. I can also easily look at investment options that are made available on the bank’s website and other things such as investment banking, asset management, and insurance and so on. The online banking allows me to easily register to all these. Overall, good and convenient methods to bank, you can even search for every single ATMs available in the city. I would recommend using this bank and its online banking services!
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Aaron Tan
Frank Account is actually n...
The FRANK Account under the Day to Day banking account services by the OCBC bank is not quite satisfactory. I have been a customer and have been using this account, since the last 14 months, ever since I started in my University, I took up this account as I was suggested it was the best account for youths my age, but I am having difficulty in keeping up with my balance because every time I withdraw money from my account, I have to keep in mind that after every 8 transactions every month, I am charged an amount of SGD 15.70, which is not acceptable. Why am I being charged for this - When I don’t have to worry about earning interest? Thus, I believe that my bank is charging unnecessary processing fees on transactions.
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Ryan Hudson
Wells Fargo Bank
Premier World Account - Bes...
Wells Fargo’s international banking services are literally competent and reasonable in terms that it offers a lot of features and benefits like I can withdraw money from any ATM in any part of the world using my sterling contactless debit card without giving any notice which is definitely high tech! I am amazed how convenient Wells Fargo has made the International banking for its customers. My account also does not charge me any monthly processing fees. The ‘Premier World Account’ is the best service according to me. The international payment service this account offers is very convenient and secure, and when I have everything personalized and advanced on my hand, I seldom need to go to my branch and I would recommend using the bank for such amazing services!
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Anna Dvali
Best internet banking servi...
HSBC Credit Mutual offers me the best internet banking services. Its online banking app is very efficient and accurate. Everything and every section are precisely outlined, detailed and when you open a segment, every information comes out to be detailed. I like its features. This app lest I manage and hold the information of my multiple accounts and gives me the ability to schedule payments in the ‘manage my calendar’ section for every account. I like how multiple accounts can be facilitated together. The savings account offers me a good return on investment and I am really happy about it. The bank’s environment is also very friendly and they cheer me up with positive solutions every time I go to them regarding any complaints. This bank is recommended! Commendable Services!
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State Bank of India (SBI)
SBI failed to make an impre...
The State Bank of India (SBI) in France has failed to make an impression on the customers who are of Indian Origin. I chose this bank 5 years ago as a primary option because I trusted an Indian brand, but it has failed to give me what I expected. The staff here is clueless, shrewd and have no regards for their customers whatsoever. I think the bank needs to keep Indian staff for smooth operations; otherwise, the bank is really going to fail its customers. They take a lot of time in the processing of paperwork and half of the times, the server is down, I can’t even process my cheque transactions due to this fallacy. Really not satisfied with this branch and this bank is not at all Not recommended.
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Mathieu Morand
Would like to recommend Pos...
I am a customer of PostFinance and I have opted for retail banking services. I have been using PostFinance’s services for around 3 years. I am impressed by the way this bank works. The savings account services are a wholesome experience for innovative banking. The bank offers a respectable rate of returns on my savings investment. This bank also has this interesting one-time facility for the new customers that on opening a savings account, the bank offers a reward. PostFinance offers credits the 10% of your first deposit into your account, which is a good facility. My overall experience with the bank and its staff has been above average and I am really satisfied with what I am getting from this bank
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Christina MacIntyre
ANZ Bank
ANZ Bank is a very good ban...
I am a customer since 2017. Since then they have provided me with good customer service, and I did not have any inconvenience in operating and managing my account. I am glad I chose this bank. The customer services people here are extremely helpful. Paperwork doesn’t take much time. The fall below fee on my ‘Uniplus’ Savings Account is as low as SG $2. I was allowed an international ATM card as well and didn't charge me any fees. Really appreciated and I would recommend this bank to all of you!
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Miller Jontion
ING Bank N.V.
Poor management...
ING Bank N.V. is not a good bank for investment and money management services. I am an investor with this bank located in Perth, in Australia. This bank has poor money management services, although the money managers are polite, they just don’t know how to invest in the correct stock or sometimes even a mutual fund. Moreover, I feel like there is a certain uneasiness between me and the staff. I can’t simply trust them to do get my work in the right manner. Overall, not a good experience for me, and wouldn’t recommend this bank to many people.
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Bank does not take into acc...
They have offered LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCT (ULIP) which has given negative returns . Bank earned more money than customer . It is highly unethical and unfair
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Jyoti Singh
UCO Bank
Internet Banking Service is...
The internet banking always seems to be down, I personally caught up with their service where I had to transfer funds online for an emergency and was unable to do so because of their banking service was also momentarily unavailable that too in the same month twice!
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Felix Agyapong
Ecobank Ghana
Wrong Cancellation...
You guys have terrible service. I called regarding a repeated withdraw of $200 and I'm have been transferred and disconnected 4 times. I noticed that my debit card is being cancelled for no reason. I never ask to cancelled it and i need it now. You guys suck big time.
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Service is very slow...
On 11OCT 2015, i received a SMS from VietinBank electronic notification stating that my account had transferred an amount of almost USD 2700. (Which wasnt done by me). I called VietinBank & was told to make a police report which I did within the next hour. However, since then this case has been pushed around with no definite solutions. Not even a proper solution or any assurance was given in getting the money back. They did follow up with me but the only response was "its still under investigation" even after knowing who the merchant is. And when they found out about the merchant (overseas merchant to be exact.)After that there is no more follow up calls from VietinBank . They didn't bother to liaise with the police for further investigation, instead they asked me to call the investigation officer and let the IO know. Is this how it should be done? The client doing the part of your job? If its so, what is the bank doing apart from finding out the merchant? How am I going to trust that my account(s) will still be safely guarded by the bank & are in good hands? I'm really very disappointed and I demand VietinBank to get back to me immediately!
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Giada Mineo
Unicredit Bank
Account Service is okay!...
I can proudly say that I am an esteemed customer of UniCredit bank. Everyone in my house (eligible to hold a bank acc. In their name) has an account in UniCredit Bank. I myself am a holder of two accounts – a personal savings account and a current account. The services offered by UniCredit in the personal account are stupendous! They offer quality solutions to me every time I call them to enquire about a query. Not only are their solutions correct and effective, but they are also super-fast and I think creative as well. Besides this, I have also been using a platinum-rated credit card by UniCredit ever since I opened my current account as I am a businessman, I get huge discounts and mega offers daily on my offline and also online internet banking transactions! The rate of return on investment is good.
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Josephine Chow
I am really satisfied with the service. the charges they apply for any service (fund transfer, atm ...) Is all quite fare. I just want them to make proper 24 *7 call center service even for their 811 account holder.
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Lee Yongyong
Fast and Stable service...
Officers quite knowledgeable about their products. Bank makes good use of analytics to predict what to offer to the right customer apparently. Fast and stable online banking platform.
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Siu Chiu
Bank of East Asia Limited
Not Enough Branch...
Bank of East Asia Limited- they don't have a specialised personal banking branch which makes it crowded and time-taking. The security guard was assigned to give out queue tickets - he was inefficient, old and was not responsive. When I tried to register my address while creating the account, they took a lot of documents like affidavits, address proof (which only house owners could provide - not convenient for house renters), driving license, etc. They would make many spam calls, I had to block them. The only good thing is, they have the best machinery for cash deposits. It is super easy.
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Asif Ali
Qatar National Bank
Why you should choose this ...
I approached Abdullah at Qatar National Bank Villaggio branch for help on a cashier order purchase as I had to rush off (parked my car illegally on the street ) and wanted to get my trusty staff member whom I had brought along to purchase it on my behalf. Upon understanding my urgency he immediately offered to assist me in preparing my cashier order and did it for me in under 3 mins. I am very pleased with his service and would like to recommend him for exceptional service attitude and diligence . His customer mindedness exemplifies why businesses and individuals choose qatar national bank Villaggio branch.
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Irfan Majed
Standard Chartered
Best Bank in Malaysia...
Banking with Standard Charted Bank's user experience is good. Ease of use and efficient and their application is user friendly while maintaining high security.
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Cécile de France
Bank BNP Paribas
Opeaning a Bank account is ...
Opening up a bank account In BNP Paribas is not at all an easy task. The paperwork is excruciating, and there’s a lot of guesswork involved. The Forum takes time in understanding my concerns and sometimes fails to provide me with competent solutions. Although the environment is really friendly there, but personally, I feel that the services lack insincerity, timely resolutions and most importantly, customer satisfaction. I have remained as a customer for 8 years now, and from my end, I have never failed to keep my account maintained and have always complied with their policies. However, sometimes due to the faults in their network systems, I don’t receive immediate text alerts on my transactions through my debit card. I think improvements are due in this bank.
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Foon Xing Zuan
Worst App by Vietcombank!...
I have used VCB smart OTP by Vietcombank and is the worst online app I have used. The app always crashes. When I ask my bank about this issue, they tell me to come to their branch. After I went to their branch, I deleted the app, signed up again and reinstalled it. But still, the issue continued. After a lot of tries, the app wouldn’t work. I found it to be a very big mess as I had difficulty in using this app. whenever any update comes, the app again crashes, and it only supports the LabanKey and Gboard keyboards, and not third party keyboards. Okay so when I try changing the keyboard, It still wouldn’t work. The app is really slow and I can’t even access my transactional history. VCB needs improvement in this app. Not recommended.
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Samuel K.
Not quite enjoyed using the current account from OCBC bank. It’s not technically a current account, but the 360 Account offers day-to-day banking. I have a hard time keeping up with the transactions as the online banking which comes with the bank’s services is a failure in its speed, processing of transaction details, and even if I have to pay through the online application, then payment gateway issues become a hurdle. I have used this for more than 2 years, and for the second, year, I received an interest rate of 2.95%, much less than the promised rate of return on my deposit of S$70,000, and when I tried taking this up to my bank branch, they sent me away telling me it will be resolved within 72 hours. When it wasn’t, I decided to withdraw the services. DO NOT EVER go to this bank!
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Roger Micknelly
AmBank (M) Berhad
I am very satisfied with my...
AmBank is very much suggested if you want to invest in a savings account. There are many different savings accounts available and it is almost hard to decide which one to choose from as all of them offer a lot of extra benefits, the customer service staff helped me entirely through the whole process of understanding which savings account would suit me best and they were very patient and had a listening ear to every bit of my query. I went through accounts like eFlex, eFlex-I, True Savers Account, Everyday Savings Account, and many other accounts. I took up the ‘Everyday Savings Account’ wherein I am getting a free monthly statement from my bank and receive a monthly Interest which is credited directly into my account. I am completely satisfied with this bank’s service! You should try it as well!
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Victor Gonzalez
Was Not satisfied with UBS'...
I opted for UBS Bank for their help in my investment research through their retail investment products. I was not quite satisfied with their overall service. I and the Investment banks from UBS had to meet on a constant schedule of 4 days wherein I was given presentations but nothing was impressive enough. The research on the market was incomplete, and certain important portfolios were missing out of the equation. After four days, I wasn’t quite much satisfied with what I had got in my investment portfolio, the stocks that were doing well but were sure to fall soon. I consequently withdrew my services from UBS Bank.
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