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Jaden Smith
Discover is a delight...
I have been using discover for a long time and this is the best credit card available out there I never faced a single issue with them. Few days back I was charged falsely due to their technical fault but when I contacted them about it, they didn’t hesitate to remove that charge and apologized for the trouble. One of the best customer services
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Joseph Harrison
American Express
Amex never offers the servi...
I have been a customer with American Express for 2 years now and they are getting bad everyday. I was offered a cashback program when I first took amex turns out they only lie. I never received cashback on my purchases. And everytime they give me stupid answers about it. I have never seen someone so lousy they are useless, their customer representatives don’t know how to talk either.
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Hailey Clark
Capital One is a fraud...
I paid my credit card bill on time and Capital One still decided to charge me late fees. When I enquired about it, they said that I haven’t made the payment but I clearly paid my bill and they aren’t refunding my $29 now. They are frauds and just take away people’s money.
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Linda Wilson
Discover is the worst of th...
I opened a Discover credit card and immediately enrolled in their automatic payment system. But it was of no use as that system didn’t work for the first 4 months of payments and they weren’t automatically paid like they should have been. When I reported this to Discover they admitted they were wrong and removed the late charges for those payments. But, they refused to remove the negative items on my credit report which means that for the next 7 years I have to pay for their mistake and carry a bad credit. I don’t get it when they remove the late charges why won’t they remove the negative items. It was such a bad experience that I would never recommend Discover to anyone. Go for other credit cards instead.
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Richard Miller
Bank of America
Bank of America is the best...
I once had a scam charge of $340 on my credit card and Bank of America immediately credited me the amount and reissued a new credit card to me along with reimbursing the amount. Bank of America cares for its customers and its app is user-friendly. They also offer rebates on groceries and gas charges. It is one of the finest banks and I would highly recommend it.
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Joshua Smith
American Express
Amex took my money...
American Express is such a lousy company. I tried to transfer $1600 and my money was never sent. It was deducted from my account but they decided to not transfer it to my parents. I have been calling them since 4 days now and I get no clear answers. One of the biggest mistake of my life was this American Express card
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Ryan Nelson
Venmo has deceptive practic...
I decided to try the Venmo app to make payment which went well for the first time and then after a few days I decided to make a larger payment of $1700 to someone. And Venmo decided to freeze my account as soon as I added $1700 in my wallet to pay. February 3rd they asked for my driver’s license and bank statement which I sent via email. It has been more than 10 days and I am still getting a run-around about my money. I would suggest that you shouldn’t be using Venmo, they will freeze your account ad try to keep or refuse to give back your money.
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Christopher Taylor
Capital One steals your mon...
On 10/02/2021 I accessed capital One’s website to schedule a payment and after few days of it not being posted to my account, I get an email asking me to contact them to address a “problem” with my checking account. I called the credit union to confirm about the payment and they tell me that they have never received the payment. I called Capital One and they weren’t very helpful too. I have lost my $389 and they say that the fault is on my end. I am never using Capital One Credit card again.
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Robert L Laginess
Flagstar Bank
Avoid at all costs....
Had a HELOC 8 years ago always on time and paid the loan 5 years early. They took our joint credit rating and my wife`s and the lowest rating was 808, no debts and positive history for discharging all accounts and they wanted two more credit reports. I told them no other institution has such demands and each report hurts hurts my credit. They got very rude before I hung up. Avoid this company.
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Albert Harris
Bank of America
Bank of America is the wors...
Bank of America solicited to us a Mortgage Note Modification Contract and after we paid them for 6 months of trial period payments, Bank of America then never credited $581 of the trial period payments and they also did not credit the initial permanent payment for 4 months. This was an error from the end of BOA and they did not honor the contract, using fraudulently created errors to wrongfully take our home and devastate our lives. Bank of America has done this to other customers as well and they are a bunch of frauds. I will file a complaint against this bank.
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Joe Davis
Chase Bank
Chase Bank has deceptive pr...
Chase Bank is a fraud. Their $200 bonus to open a new checking account is a scam. I opened my account through the web banner on their site and waited for 4 weeks, no money has come into my account. When I called them to know about it, they respond that I didn’t use the promotional code and I have passed the 21 days of account opening. There was no field in the account application that mentioned needing a code to qualify, but I was only asked to wait for 15 days. This is a complete SCAM!! I am closing my account and will not bank with them anymore.
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Jonathan Davis
American Express
American Express is the bes...
I have been using American Express for years now and this is one of the best credit cards I invested in. I can use this card pretty much every where and the customer service is always nice and helpful. I was once charged falsely for $329 but the money was reimbursed to me without any hassle. There was never a problem using the card even if I was close to my card limit. They also have credit card protection which notifies me when my card is used outside my network. Much appreciated services.
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Caleb Yeng
Citibank Singapore
CitiBank is fraud!!!...
Opened up an account with CitiBank online and funded the account with $1500 from a Zelle transfer. They blocked the account as soon as I put the money. I can’t verify my number and they keep telling me to come to the branch which would be fine but they don’t have any branch here in Wisconsin. Now I have been calling every day to get this issue solved but I am nowhere near. They always tell me that they sent me a referral code which I still have to receive. Been waiting for it for a month and I really don’t know when it will come. CitiBank is not worth it.
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Keith Hill
Capital One Group
Capital One is dishonest...
Capital One is dishonest and lacks transparency. I had my account with Capital One for 2 years, never missed a payment and one day I tried to set up a link to a new account to make my payments from and the payment got rejected twice. Capital One then decided to close my account permanently. I had money in my account which is now gone. Worst customer experience I wouldn’t suggest this bank to anyone.
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Walter Lewis
Truist restricted my accoun...
I opened a checking account with Truist 6 months ago and set up a direct deposit. Everything was okay till I deposited a paper check for $1200 which was my stimulus check and it went to a restricted account in another bank. I deposited this check before I went to meet my parents and when I reached there my debit card was already locked. I called them several times but there was no answer. I was with zero cash for the whole weekend and the next day I even lost access to online banking and I called them. They told me that Truist has decided to close my account without any solid reason. My money is sitting there and they closed my account. They just don’t care about it, this is illegal. I will surely file a case against Truist bank.
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Farhan Somoro
Habib Bank
Worst ever bank that exist ...
they don't want to work and keep finding mistakes that are not actually mistakes, and once you do everything according to what they are saying than they will say ok leave the things here on my table and I will process once i get time as I am busy now!!
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Matt Szoke
One of the finest cards...
I recently got my hands on Visa credit card and I can pretty much tell how good it is. After using it for few months it is safe to say that there is no card better than this. I had a normal credit score and Visa improved it just in 2 months. I would highly recommend this card because of its smooth services.
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Janet Scott
Got my money stuck with the...
I recently opened up a new account with Truist Bank completely online with transferring funds from my main bank of business and this process usually takes 3 days with any bank. I opened an account with Truist due to the ease of opening an account online without wasting time going to the bank and signing paperwork. I neglected the “fine print” and I deposited my first payroll check from my job with them. When initially signing up, their paperwork that you can clearly state says that checks can typically be posted up to one full business day. However, what they do not clearly state is that you must be an established account holder to have this happened. The check was for $800 and I found out the funds will not be available to me for 7 days. This bank doesn’t offer direct deposit or I would have had no problems withdrawing my money the next day. Keep in mind, if you must deposit a check into a newly set up account, please keep in mind that you won't be able to touch that money until 7 days later. I would have been better off getting it cashed at one bank or at Kroger or Walmart and depositing. It may be out $3, but at least I would have my money immediately as I need it now rather than having to wait 7 days.
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Jose Harris
Great experience with this ...
I was very impressed with the availability of Capital One credit card and how quickly it was approved. I found the process to be a little bit tedious, my application was approved online and I had to wait to receive a letter through the registered mail where I had to go to the post office and provide identification. After receiving my card, I had to wait for the pin to come to my mail. After activating it, I am paying a $59 annual fee. I really get the importance of taking safety measures against frauds but it was a really long time between the approval and the ability to use it. There is a lack of various benefits but it is a reestablishing credit card so it is pretty much okay.
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Lucas Brown
Apple Pay
Apple Pay froze my account...
Recently, my account on apple pay was frozen. I had $349 dollars in my account and now they are all gone. Apple Pay is not helping me in any manner. One of the worst apps I used.
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Ronald Baker
Woodforest National Bank
Woodforest charged me twice...
I have been with Woodforest National Bank for over 5 years and I faced a few problems over the years but recently I was charged twice for the same transaction and took money out of my account without informing me. They aren’t even willing to cancel the transactions and the amount is $348. They told me that the money will be reimbursed in 60 days but now it has been around 90 days and there is no trace of my money. One of the most terrible banks and service.
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Joshua Walker
Chase Bank
Chase bank closed my accoun...
Chase Bank is a liar!! I had a checking account with them and they closed my account without any notice or explanation. I had $890 in my account and they are all gone. It has been more than 6 months now. If you don’t want your money stolen then stay away from this bank. They are a fraud.
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Frank Martin
American Express
Weird cash advance program ...
American Express has this weird cash advance program. Their cash advance says $1,000 and gets the $1,000 from the atm. However, 2 days later, AMEX goes into your bank account and gets the $1,000 back plus adds $24 or so in fees. What's the point?
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Gregory Thomas
PayPal took my $51,000...
I have had an online business and an account with PayPal for over 6 years. I paid them thousands of dollars in fees and without warning, they have frozen over $51,000 of my sales profits for over 180 days now. They have done this to countless customers and refused to give back the money. When I contacted them, they refused to disclose the details that resulted in a permanent limitation of my account. They are a bunch of frauds, anyone reading this please withdraw your payments and put them somewhere else. PayPal is not worth it.
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Susan Bergh
Woodforest National Bank
Worst bank and services...
Only if I could leave 0 stars I would. Woodforest banks have the worst customer service and this bank too won’t help to resolve your issues that are created by them. I had a direct deposit by my company but it didn’t hit my bank account and Woodforest has given me the run around for months now. There have been 2 incidents that impacted my personal vehicle and they paid me $200 when I had to be reimbursed with $3400. There is absolutely no resolution to my concerns. After talking with them on multiple occasions, I am told that they are looking into the issue and will resolve it. It has been over 6 months and I am still waiting for a true response and a solution.
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Kathleen Hogann
Bank of America
I put a claim for fraud att...
I put a claim for a fraud attempt which took away my $3480. At first, Bank of America seemed interested in helping me out but after a week when things got complicated, they decided to close my account without any notice or explanation. Their people we unprofessional and super rude. I will do my best to let people know about this useless bank and stop them from using it. I hear about similar experiences and read about them but still, I invested with them. One of the worst mistakes of my life.
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Chris Taylor
Chase Bank
These people didn't transfe...
I recently shifted from Bank Of America to Chase Bank for tax property. Bank Of America processed the deposit money and Chase Bank transferred it to some else account. Now they refuse to accept their mistake and I have been struggling to get my money from the bank. The most useless bank I have come across. I will never do business with this bank.
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Mike Ortiz
Bank of America
Voice response and service...
My mother died and I am attempting to call to cancel her accounts
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Drew Sterrett
Chase Bank
I had a disputed charge of ...
I had a disputed charge on my Chase Account of $300, I called customer service for it and they transferred me to another department. Their customer service grilled me for every last detail and at the end, they sent me a letter which asked me for the same information. Worthless bank and customer service.
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Chase Bank
Bad experience...
I opened a checking account, also I have a carload with the Chase. Recently, by accident, I've overdrawn with transfer to another bank, I put money back in a couple of hours, as result they charged me for 5% fee, it was the same day, I do not understand the logic of this fee - I didn't have that money even for a day. Also, they aren't refinancing for auto loans since the pandemic. It's almost 1-year now and they still do not operate in normal mode, weird and slow. I cannot recommend that bank because of a bad experience and comparing what customer service I have with others. I have multiple accounts in other countries as well and comparing all of them the worst one is Chase, I really expected more from you guys. But the online app is a good one.
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