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Morgan Drake
AXA Insurance
The entire validation team ...
The entire validation team at AXA travel insurance is entirely filthy and terrifying. When I presented records from overseas that your prosecutor did not validate, they accused me of theft. They did not have facts and just took the investigator's word. To not pay for it, I had to provide even the authentication papers again and again. Stop AXA INSURANCE TRAVEL ANY COST, for PEACE OF MIND. You are not entitled to a cent and will not be paid even though it is legitimately claimed.
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Anthony Tyler
They reduced my credit limi...
They reduced my credit because I haven't used my card enough. Don't re-establish. They don't need me for business, assume. No warning, just acknowledgement of a 70 % reduction in my credit sheet. Please don't believe it, don't use it.
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James Brighton
Citibank is unprofessional ...
Citibank is unprofessional and confidential – two qualities that a bank doesn't like. Most branches in the UK have been closed. For no explanation, they have removed my account. I assume that they wish to work with corporations and individuals who carry 0.0% interest accounts of over £ 100,000 in deposits.
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Archie Martin
I'd like to give it a zero ...
I want to give it a zero rank. I sometimes write reviews online, so I was obligated to tell you how bad Venmo is and how nice it is that there is no limited service available to consumers. I wanted to submit the requisite $, so it was over, and I was ok, and this is their law. I was pleased with it. But when I checked my bank account, they took $, which was NOT allowed out of my account and kept it for day days until it was returned. I had to keep calling (and have been holding it many times).
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Micheal Muller
Bad Service ...
In early February my trip was cancelled, and since then Allianz Travel has postponed the bill. E-mails are not addressed and the mobile service is far from running properly. I'm never going to pay out Allianz insurance again and no one would suggest that.
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Robert Kovak
Thank you for destroying my...
For years and years, I have had my Chase card and a Chase mortgage as well. I got in some money and paid my credit cards around $15,000.00 and paying my Chase Mortgage. What have I got back! Each card has lowered its balance. I charged $8,000 on a ten thousand bill, lowered a $1,200 credit limit, charged off a $2,000 bill and plummeted to $1,000, paid a $7 thousand card and reduced my limit to $8,200. This kills my credit record. See how many people I am sending to you, thanks, Chase.
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Dan Decker
JPMorgan Chase
Tech Savvy and customer-ori...
I have been banking for business and user accounts here for over three years now and have been very satisfied with everything from customer service to online banking functions/services. When my trust account first opened, there was a significant concern, but it was quickly solved without any problems.
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Karen Brinann
Santander UK
Brilliant Staff...
The Santander squad hasn't twittered, even after all that happened after Covid19. I was handed over to the right Individuals, not a computer, and because of the present situation, I talked with sympathy and reverence. A stunning young woman and a young lady have taken care of me especially beautifully. Many gratitude to you both. You led to making this horrific situation even less traumatic
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Joan Finch
BNP paribas Bank
Worst Bank...
This is the worst bank ever, fees are all incredibly high and I'm not able to submit money because the alternative is blocked though I'm sick of both this bank and customer care, while I have a positive balance, I'm not sick of this bank or this English customer service
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Terry Noelle
Monese Bank
Good Bank...
I use Monese, first in the United Kingdom (from 2015) and then in Germany and Portugal, several years back. Smooth, easy to open and easy to configure application design. You may have a code of type/account number in your account resp. In the UK and EUR, IBAN. In one week, my German address was reached by both Mastercards (GBP and EUR). No requirement for customer service.
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Charlie Bitts
Tesco Bank
Good Loan after 2 years of ...
My friend suggested a Tesco loan after years of insane loan negotiation with car dealers. The money was in my account on Tuesday and Monday after. Clear words and simple methods. Bad ratings, I don't understand. Since then, I have called the organisation and found the employees attentive and supportive.
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Dave Miller
Barclays Bank
The disgusting operation of...
The disgusting operation of the branch of Albion street leads, which the safety guard also told the branch that it would not allow cash, tried for days to make no use of Barclays. I quit listening to my current account for some money now. Full-time waste. Full-time waste. Those people who leave 5 stars and are saying that there's no difficulty trying Barclay's row, plus utter lies from branch workers. What a joke. Yeah, what a joke. Trying to complain again!!
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Francis Benziloni
Standard Chartered
More than 100 times but no ...
More than 100 times I have contacted Customer Care, and again the same issue does not lead to addressing the matter. I have met mostly rude and unprofessional employees in my life, and my pay account with them will quickly adjust over the last five years. Please never go to this bank for filthy and worse facilities.
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Daniel Aldini
BNP Paribas
The worst bank ever...
The worst bank ever. What are my concerns as a French customer: -- they send details of the bank account to my family members who claim that I am them, which breaks all EU laws about privacy. -- the app is under "maintenance" indefinitely -- Restricted transaction operating possibilities (cant permit permanent bank transactions overseas, no possibility to access a prepaid card bank account ... I wonder what I pay for. -- I have to wait for a whole weekend (no automation) for move entries -- I'm not going to worry about workers discipline. -- I've been waiting for 1.5 years to close my bank account.
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Patricia Vamos
Unicredit Bank
Customer service in recent ...
Customer service in recent years has gone from poor to worse and I now believe like I am just poultry to pluck. Having been unproductive for years, just a moment before he hit and purchased another fund on the top of his page, a few days before it crashed, this dishonest investor convinced me into paying back the fund he gave me. Awareness records similar encounters.
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Taylor Danniels
If you are good you get goo...
When they are good, I just give positive feedback. I was expecting a car salesman approach at first because my auto-generated platform Lending Tree was sent to Freedom Plus. What I got was a fast, polite, effective and attentive loan representative with a clear procedure that gave my loan a rapid turnaround. I am not surprised sometimes that an event is beyond my standards, but this is a case for textbooks!
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Naresh Sharma
Google Pay
Successful money transfer p...
Successful money transfer programme. The app says if you prefer, you can get a review coupon. But very poor customer service staff. Recent times I've never had. I have made two comparisons and several transfers. And no incentive is available. When I check with customer service, I have exchanged my screenshots of all proofs that always pose the same questions, but they just forward. We are disappointed. You just steal the money
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Sarah Smith
AIG Insurance
Never choose them...
To prevent payment of pandemic travel insurance premiums, AIG is using the following protections covered tightly in its terms and conditions: Exclusion: laws made under law or rules by some official body or government or by individuals allowed to do so. The Pen travel insurance scheme (underwritten by AIG), although it will be happily paid, is not worth the document it is written.
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Ian Riley
Forum Credit Union
Very welcoming branch ...
After my new branch, I came to the Forum. It was very painful for a home equity loan/credit line from the previous bank The Forum participants were awesome from the very beginning of the process. On the local branch at the university, they gave me the feeling that I was more than just a number at the workplace. I still feel like a good client when I walk into the store, not as if they are doing me a favour (like the majority of large banks). For all of your banking/loan needs, I strongly recommend using Platform. They're local and, the culture of Indy is welcoming.
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Thirividhi subbaiah
HPS Bank
My name is thirividhi subba...
My funds are in HPS bank which is transferred by max crypto option company upon the condition of payment of 400 dollars as international transaction fees. I completed my payment 10 days ago. But they didn't r
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Pankaj Kumar
Many challanges faced ...
I faced many challenges and customer support was relational during my time in the administration. You write to them and send them an e-mail, and they will have a typical answer: "In two or three working days, we will come back to you." And with the right response/support, they will never return. I have consistently voiced this concern to your staff and have stepped up divisions and other concerns, but all in vain. Finally, to assert competence, I had to endure abuse. Finally, the amount paid was secretly smaller than at the time of the sales agreement estimates. I have demanded that the payouts be split up numerous times, just the same basic reaction again.
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Maria Smith
Loans never been easy ...
Loans?  Never being a nice option, when you need it, get out of a tight financial position and, if you like it, I think that this financial institution is one of the best choices. And if the interest rates can be high if the reputation is low, it can provide you with just what you think it is going to give you. I used it before and then refinanced it with them.
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Harry Valon
They are the most simple wa...
I wanted to try to get a loan. I agreed. It was a terrible financial condition. I called LoanMe, it was as straightforward and as quick for any adult as possible. Loan terms are straightforward and secret fees and, commissions have not been identified
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Julia Vin
Westlake Financial
They will put a big hole in...
Given their very high armed robbery level interest rate, they do not have the empathy to a locked client harmed by COVID, a very futile company of outdated moral policy-makers and their laws do not make them ethical and business-friendly; consumers' support workers can not tell you the reality and honesty of stuff.
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Carlos D Costa
Apple Pay
Google pay is better...
While I like the idea of payment with a 'fingerprint' for my item/shopping, it has allowed me more than I hoped. Twice the payments have been blocked. The card connected to it has not even "noticed" the transaction attempt, so everything Apple did!!! I am sure my Google will start paying more than the apple pay system. Furthermore, I can not find a way of understanding the reason why these transactions failed.
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Ronan Hendricks
Alipay is a Scam ...
It's a scam, Alipay. There are several articles produced by the troopers to ensure foreigners staying outside the country can use Alipay, but in reality any fund they did not stop from transferring to your Alipay with the Bank card required from a bank that is incorporated into China. (It must be a bank presence physically in MAINLAND China) You can't get the Fund if, in particular, foreigners who can not open a MAINLAND China bank account without a residence in CHINA can not verify yourself. It's a huge assault on foreign cash cheating. All of the Chinese articles won't enable you to post bad comments, philtre them, and make sure others get a scam and end up flowing money into Alipay to be forfeited by Alipay. The phone number won't work when you attempt to call their customer service, the AI will continue to tell you that I can't understand your question if you try to talk with customer service.
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Ethan W
Worst payment app...
You can not update your phone number once your phone number is changed. Support for the customer appears to go nowhere. You only have to fill out a form that has not led to anything until now. No direct customer service just a form to request a full telephone number.
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Brandon Spike
Never use it ...
In order to use the online gateway service, I have registered. I bought the module of the gateway. These guys don't reply, they don't want to do business ... They have a big "Development Grant" and it looks like the grant has all been built.  Don't shop for their module and avoid them. 
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David Scott
American Express
Excitement went down the dr...
Was so excited to have my Amex card, they keep pushing my credit cap up and down after just one year. Unlike the others. That's one cap. Work Lost. Amex also wants to avoid staring at ratings from credit companies and look at the past of payments. Mine undisturbed. Scores of agencies will be 2 months or more behind. Then why go down from a reasonable limit to a lower limit then? When is my plot going too well?
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Alan Fischer
AXA Insurance
They were a great help ...
The night before we came home from Lanzarote, our bungalow had been looted along with another. Police attended but the next day we were unable to go to the police station and make a complaint as we returned home. Axa was supportive, and also accepted a hotel comment. Keep me updated within a month of development, and the claim settled.
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