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Amanda D
Worst customer service ...
About 3 weeks ago I asked for a payment portal to Barion. Fill out all section needed. I sent an email two days later, saying they would take 3-5 working days to approve the submission. We wanted the redesign desperately because we had to launch the webshop. It was all set to go, but we were waiting for Barion to validate. Called customer care twice, because nothing has changed, no phone call to me or the owner of the website. We promised that the next day I'll be receiving a call from a support team, nothing changed. Called up exactly, again the same thing happened, no word from them. Sent more letters, and still not a call or valuable information.
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Joseph Bard
They steal your money ...
They take money for booking or something and if something goes wrong, they have zero liability or support. Despite the building work going on in the theatre. The manager told me he was going to refund via Paytm because I didn't book via the app. The Paytm company declined any such refund, and I lost 81 pounds.
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Daniel Rice
Apple Pay
It is unsafe ...
The program isn't very safe, it's a shame that everybody supports it because it's an apple device, I think all of Apple's apps are trustworthy but this one needs some hard testing because my email was compromised and it finally impacted my Apple pay, I lost some money, I got my money through a specialist I met on hangout, his username is Julliohacks.
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Rashid Khan
A bad experience ...
I cancelled credit cards from city bank because it doesn't work while verifying due number for payment submission. We don't even give out monthly notice. Even though my password is correct, App keeps sending me the wrong password.
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Zhang Chan
Standard Chartered
A bad experience ...
The consultancy is not transparent or compliant with the consequences of their plans, when I was there the lady told me something and then it changed in a call the very next day, no apology, no clarification. They lack people's skill, which is very clear in the way they treat.
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Bibin Bijui
Commercial Bank
Unprofessional ...
Unprofessional workers, with lengthy waiting times. They have no parking. Applying for a card is a challenge because you must come to their branches at least 4 times to obtain a Working Card. That is my experience with their branches over the last 4 years and they hold the norm high
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Rion Gomez
Fidelity Investments
Great Service!...
Very good guys there. They got me squared off and carried out a quick portfolio analysis of my short- and long-term objectives. We do have one or two workstations where you can use them to monitor your account
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Karl Fegurson
BlackRock Funds
They are a threat !...
Black rock endangers our prosperity and the prosperity of our children by helping to intensify the global crisis. They are one of the world's biggest producers in fossil fuels. They care more about their money than they care about our lives. Everyone has to believe them.
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Jane Alan
Amundi Asset Management
Incompetent service!...
Investment firm doesn't have a premium call. Do not call back, do not answer emails. In short, they don't mind the consumer approach My file is complete for processing operation for more than a month and is still not effective.
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Andrew Brown 
JPMorgan Chase
Saved me while traveling...
The Bank is amazing and they offer so good services. The employees are courteous and help me with all my financial problems. I lost my credit card while travelling, and I received a new credit card when I came back. While in my journey they helped me the nearest branch of JPMC and block all cards. 
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Hailey Jones
Bank of America
Safest bank...
It is the safest branch at which to do the shopping. The workers are friendly, courteous, swift and expertise-the perfect mix the banker wants. They offer great services and have good interests in a savings account. I would recommend it to everyone
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Joseph Locke
Barclays Bank
An amazing experience ...
This place is an excellent choice for sighting with someone or on your own. Barclays Investment Bank specializes in finance and is good, very good. I had good investments with this bank, and have enjoyed their policies. Their banking options are good to
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Kate Bloom
Barclays Bank
Great Service!...
Great service, plenty of friendly employees. Quite a few atm's and paying in machines, some of them can make the money transfers. You should visit the consultants upstairs. You can get your debit card scanned while you're waiting. This may also take up to 30 minutes.
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Joe linton
First National Bank
Bad experience with a loan...
I received a phishing letter in the mail from the chief consumer banking officer, Barry C Robinson with first national bank and in the letter it stated and I quote"ACCEPT YOUR FIRST NATIONAL BANK HOME EQUITY LOAN TODAY! and it was written in red bold print. Everything in the letter looked good to help me get all my credit cards and loans all reduced to one monthly payment so I decided to check it out. First I called the kitty hawk, NC branch that was listed in the flyer and a woman answered my call she was not very forthcoming with any info and she didn't seem too eager to help me. She told me she would email me an application but she never did. So I went down to the haha head office to talk with someone in person. I spoke to Mrs Costa and she was very friendly. I explained to her that I was interested in finding out more about the loan offer they were implying that I was pre-approved for. The letter said I was pre-qualified for a home equity loan at 3.84% with a payment of 282.92/ mth but as I spoke to Mrs Costa she seemed surprised by the offer I received and she began to tell me the interest rate would probably be more than what was on the letter, I realize now that that should've been a red flag to me to get up and walk out but like most American that pays their bills and makes good money I talked myself into staying to see if they were scamming people to apply for a loan just so they could turn them down so they could get my information so they can sell that to another company. Well, unfortunately, that was the case and yes with a 690 credit score and a job that pays around 50,000/yr and about 75,000 worth of equity in my home I was turned to down for the loan. The only reason they gave me for denial is that I was late on some credit card payments when my business that I owned was going through some financial troubles but they didn't care that I went through a tough time losing my business. It appears to me that they just wanted my personal info so they like all big corporate companies that scam you to provide your info so they can make a profit off it and it didn't cost them anything to get the info but let me warn you this is what they won't tell you: if you have a late payment on your credit report YOU WILL BE DENIED so don't fall for FIRST NATIONAL BANK MAIL PHISHING SCAM TO GET YOUR INFO. YOU WILL TAKE A NEGATIVE HIT ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT WHILE PROVIDING ANOTHER BIG CORPORATE BANK WITH FREE PERSONAL INFO FOR THEM TO MAKE MONEY ON. I would never do business with the first national bank. AMERICAN PEOPLE DONT LIKE BEING LIED TO FOR CORPORATE GAIN. If the bank manager that had been working there for 20yrs really cared about the customers that were replying to the phishing letter that was mailed she would've asked me questions to prevent me from taking a negative hit to my credit rating but obviously they were just out for my info and the only way for them to have my info to sell for money was to get me to apply for a loan then deny me so they would have my info. So in closing don't fall for the phishing letter you get in the mail saying your pre-qualified for a loan based on info in your credit report.
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Killing my grandmother...
I’m writing about the experience of my 97-year-old grandmother. She needed a checking account so I opened one with Citibank for her online. I provided her landline, my cell phone, and my email address. She’s never used a computer and wanted me to take care of all the online banking. We would have opened a joint account but that requires you to go into a branch in person, something neither of us was willing to do during the massive Coronavirus outbreak here in LA since I’m a Type I diabetic and she’s old as dirt. We never got a card or pin in the mail but didn’t think we really needed it since we had an account number and she got a checkebook. She transferred every penny she has into this account. A few days after this she went to stay with her sister in another town because of her failing health. Immediately we started running into problems with them wanting to call her house and give a pin every time we tried to do anything. They wouldn’t use my cell phone or by email or verify us any other way and didn’t care that she wasn’t home. We had to resort to arranging a time her neighbor could go into her apartment and answer the phone to text me a code whenever we wanted to send $20. I spent many hours with Customer Service during this time explaining why this was a problem, but everyone told me a different thing. One person told me this verification business would go on for two weeks, another told me two months, another told me it was indefinite. One told me that it would stop once I activated the card and, when I said I already had, told me I had to get a new card and activate it again. We ordered a new card, waited for it to arrive activated it, but nothing changed. Another CSR told me we needed a pin and then this would stop, but we requested a pin be sent out three separate times and for some reason never got a single one. I finally got one to set up a pin with me on the phone, but again nothing changed. At one point a CSR told me she had opened a case for me and that the “higher-ups” would be in touch to help, but the next guy told me that’s not even something they do. My grandmother and I were hung up on more times than I can recall, and not just when we were being nasty. It’s like they’re all trained to just hang up on you when they get tired of talking to you. At their suggestion, I also went through a massive amount of hassle to get external accounts verified with trial deposits so we could make online transfers, but they blocked every single one. Later they told me it’s because the external accounts were not hers, which of course was the point of having external accounts linked in the first place. They also suggested I added ‘payees” and then I would be able to make wire transfers for free, but after going through that whole maddening process I learned that there’s a $25 fee every time you want to do that. As bad as all this was, it got much worse last week when I got an email out of the blue saying that the User ID had been blocked and I had to call to unblock it. When I called they told me they couldn’t help us unless we had someone at her house answer the phone to get the stupid code, so we had to wait days until her neighbor could go back and await their call. That day we set up a time when I could take an hour off work and the neighbor could too and called them up, just to be told that they couldn’t call with a code after all. This time they told me we had to go back to the house and call from the landline. I explained that we were out of town and couldn’t go back just to use that phone, but every single employee I talked to just told me they wouldn’t do anything else. During this time, we couldn’t pay bills, couldn’t pay employees, and were racking up late charges and overdraft fees all over because Citibank wouldn’t let us use our money. We had no choice but to pack up and go back to grandma’s house just to use the phone. This is all very difficult for her since she can barely move and we don’t have a car, but they would give us no other options so we packed up all her things and her wheelchair and got a very expensive Uber ride. When we got back yesterday and tried calling I was told they had to verify by calling me back on that number. So I hung up and waited twenty minutes. I called again and explained that no one had called me back just to be told that since it was “in the works” with that guy no one else could help me. After an hour I really had to get back to work so I called yet again and went through all the rigmarole of the system and being on hold for twenty minutes and being transferred back and forth for the third time, finally to end up being told by one of the managers that they can’t verify us over the phone at all anymore and that grandma has to go into a bank with two forms of ID. She does not have two forms of ID. She does not have a car. She’s 97 and it’s painful for her to get to the bathroom, let alone into a bank. She’s in the group with the absolute highest risk of dying of COVID (I’m in the second) and we’re in the highest-risk cities in the US. I told this to so many CSR’s, explaining that they’re literally asking us to risk our lives before they’ll give us access to the account, and were repeatedly hung upon. Not to mention that many of their branches are closed because of the pandemic and we’ll have to go miles away. We don’t know what else to do, so tomorrow I have to take yet another day off of work, get another extremely expensive Uber ride, sit in LA traffic for an hour, go inside a bank and risk our lives, probably just to be told that she needs a passport or something before they’ll give her her money. I honestly feel like they’re putting her in an early grave. I’ve never seen her so stressed out and I’ve felt like I’m having a mild heart attack for about two weeks straight. She was actually crying on the phone with them yesterday and they hung up on her. I tried to make this as succinct as possible and, long though it is, it doesn’t even go into all the problems we’ve had just trying to use a simple checking account.
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Leane W
Incompetent with loyal cust...
I can't take it now, despite having been a Citigold client since 2000. Over recent years coping with the customer support offered by this bank has been increasingly irritating. Everything this bank improves the customer service or services, in reality, anything they do appears to make it harder for the client. With this Bank, loyalty stands for nothing. I have now sunk below the required Citigold level and will thus be paid a monthly maintenance fee which I fail to pay. After several years of being a faithful but disappointed customer, I eventually wanted to step away from this incompetence!
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Liam Thatch
Santander UK
Not good customer service ...
Based on my encounter with one of the consumer advisors, I have no choice but to describe this as a terrible division, no consumer service that gives the name a bad picture. They do not even think about the complaint from its customers which leads to my document being lost on the network and then to the account closure. The first time dealing with coop finance, and that will be the last one.
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Christine Harvey
Co-operative Bank UK
Unhappy ...
Unhappy. Spent at least 30 minutes trying to get through only to find that I can't get an appointment for 3 days to see someone in my regional branch. It is not beneficial when your bank account has to be worked out.
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Robert Flynn
American Express
They are a bunch of scammer...
I submitted with the AMEX Blue Card for a zero per cent, and it was accepted. I got the card, and I started using it, I collected my bill with interest on the 2nd month. I called the so-called professionals at AMEX directly and was told I should owe interest now, as I got another AMEX card two years ago. I revoked the card completely, what I deem a fraud for this, and when I asked to see the notice of refusal by email, which I allegedly signed over the internet again, admitting interest, I was told, I would have to send this material. I really couldn't believe I was scammed.
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Christopher Kile
Wells Fargo
ATM never works ...
The bank is ok but the ATM the worst, it always some kind of problems. This rarely allows deposits and the only response when you inform the bank staff about it is that they are not responsible for the ATM or its service. It's frustrating that it never works and it never seems like it will.
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Toby Anderson
Barclays Bank
Worst customer service ...
Worst customer service! Two different times I tried to set up auto pay and, they did not withdraw my payments and the third time I got a complaint about late fees they wouldn't back off! I wish I had not needed  jet blue miles
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Jim Cooper
Charles Schwab
Truly Awful Service ...
I began the Schwab online account with a positive feeling. That soured pretty quickly. I can't even say that my account has been opened for a year and I get a call and eventual mailing out of the blue that my account is being closed 'based on a business decision.' I have outstanding credit, never had an overdraft or any other financial negative detail. After posting I looked online and read posting indicating that so many other people experienced the same problem. They closed their accounts, with absolutely no reason unforeseen except 'based on a business decision.' It is truly awful customer service
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Eugene Jackson
Ally Bank
I lost $2000 because of the...
I attempted to complete a deduction of unused funds. It took about a whole month to complete. Ally has a form to manage but not the form of detail. Worse still, their questions were not posed to ME by the IRA party. I find out just when I had called to see what it took so long. It promised dates but not delivered on. I lost up to two thousand dollars because of the delays.
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William Shelly
Wells Fargo
Slowest Bank!...
It is the slowest bank. It shouldn't take 30 minutes to simply provide a cashier's check. Even if I am was the first in line.  The bank is very slow. They have no consideration of time. Even the advisors are slow, it took me almost 30 minutes to explain a simple issue to them, and I didn't get any results.
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Karen Coleman
Bank of America
Incredibly Slow!...
The bank was incredibly slow. I have sat for about 30-40 minutes to see an advisor. Nobody came out to help me, or inquire if I need some help. I have had to ask the teller. Overall, I couldn't get any things provided because they didn't give what I wanted.
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Jennifer Davis
The best service ...
I am very impressed with the total service provided by Capital One. I had some personal financial problems which caused me to default twice on my account. Both times the agents did help me out and set in motion appropriate plans to save my money. It helps too much that an organization is considering you like a human being and not just a source of income. I expect to be a consumer for life because of that!
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Amy Darrel
Wells Fargo Bank
Pleasant Experience ...
For the last two years, I have had an account with this bank. The bank 's employees are nice and also provide quick service. I've also offered excellent support during this pandemic. This bank 's structure is completely distinct from other banks. Retrieving money and other bank transactions were so much simpler following all the social distancing laws. Experience pleasant. Thank you.
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Barbara Fischer
They lack transparency ...
I've used Discover for the last 5 years. I never skipped a bill or made a late bill. They put my account on hold during tax season, not allowing me to verify what was spent through my account. I can neither check it on the mobile app nor on the machine. I had to call them 3 times and my husband 2 times, they didn't notice. The card still worked but they would not allow me to see my statement.
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Micheal K
Not the best credit card fo...
My claim for an end to the trip was denied. We were on a cruise, because of the coronavirus, which was not permitted to disembark at two scheduled ports. When we were en route, the countries changed their port policies. We've paid extra airfares and $3,000 penalties as a result of the disturbances. Chase told me, in response to my argument, that they could not approve a refund for that argument. Is it the best credit card for travel. I don't think so. 
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Duncan Schrute
Virgin Money UK
A decent branch!...
A small branch of the bank where you can get a little old-fashioned charm and customer service, with some modern equipment if you need it. A perfect support font, if you need it. You can also use their London lounges when you have an account which is a godsend.
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