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Charles Jones
State Bank of India (SBI)
Bad NRI service...
I am frustrated with the NRI service. Now the bank has been decentralized and the service is almost a nightmare. The interesting fact is no one knows any system properly and even the bank managers are not ready to do anything more beyond their daily routine. It is hilarious to see the staff not knowing which swift code is closed. Anyways, they do not have enough time to answer queries from other banks through MT195. All in all, it was a horrible experience I had with the arrogant rude people, and even after 90 days, my problem has not been solved where other banks do it within 2–3 working days.
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Jimmy Lai
Shore United Bank
Difficult to do business wi...
I moved my business account from a big company to this branch, and while the move was simple, I have problems with Business Banking every day, and I'm not in a position to get hold of my Business Manager.
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jacqueline tycoon
Banque Transatlantique
Never Helped properly...
We've been a client for 30 years. We've got a French mortgage for 15 years now. So, a good track record you'd dream about. At the beginning of September 2017, we deposited a check for EUR 10,000 on another French bank account, so the money was completely assured. We sold our caravan and decided to go on an unforgettable holiday. Since then, we can only remove a limit of EUR 200 per day or a total of EUR 600 a week. The holiday had to be postponed because it was a touring holiday in Europe lasting a month. EUR 600 a week was not enough to meet our daily expenses, including petrol. But we're being paid with any withdrawal we make. It is now the end of November, and after submitting a formal letter of complaint (written in French) at the end of January, the situation remains the same.
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Glen Fiorage
Alliant Credit Union
During the Covid 19 Pandemi...
I have been a member of the Alliant Credit Union for over 30 years and have used many of its programs. It's all great when everything's natural. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, my company experienced a considerable loss of profits. I promptly told Alliant Credit Union in the middle of March 2020, and I was assured that my payments would be put back and that my credit would not be affected. It was not the case for all my programs. They deal with other third-party organizations who call themselves the Alliant Credit Union though they are not. I bought insurance from the Alliant Credit Union for peace of mind if I lost my job or if I was sick, my loan payment will have been made. It has not happened. I didn't have any security. My credit had been tarnished, and it did not appear easy to restore it. I believed the word of Alliant Credit Union and its members, but the fact is they don't listen and don't care for your back at all. When I wanted them the most, they were MIA. My advice is to ask many questions before I use it.
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Vicky Hummon
Santander US
It is the worst bank I've e...
It is the worst bank I've ever seen. Take control of them. I got the Santander Approved Check from them, and I deposited it in my daily branch. When my usual bank called Santander, they declined to try it out. Then I made a phone call with my bank to Santander to try and have the check validated, and after at least 1/2 hour and several changes to various customer support and managers, I still couldn't get the approved check checked; what a lovely thing is Santander if a simple phone call can not review their approved bills. My bank has confirmed that they have never had a problem like this with any other bank.
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Gloria Linnin
Woodforest National Bank
I wish I could not give a s...
I wish I could not give a starred review. Too many lies from the Woodforest National Bank, no electronic deposit on the same day, no next day, The electronic deposit is made after a particular hour, also on Friday, no later than 7:00 a.m. This bank is just one giant lie. It is fake publicity that is blatantly misleading to the media. Yeah, I almost forgot, they tell free notary, well, who knows, there's no someone out there who can notarize anything. It is fast food banking, the most challenging thing. You're never going to have it that way.
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Alyson P
First Citizens Bank
I'm continuously getting st...
I'm continuously getting struck over the bill of the fee. I still check the amount of money I have before I use my debit, but sometimes they don't put a price up until days afterward, I suppose. I went over 85 cents and put the money in my hands a couple of hours later. Five days after that, I was hit with a draught. A couple of times, I was charged with the draught, then I added all the fines, and a couple of times, I wasn't over. When I sent out the auto draught and didn't have the bank's money in time, I was paid an insignificant sum of money, and I understand why. In time, I didn't have the money in the act. It was entirely my fault. If I only go over 85 cents, and that's just because it says I have money in my action, then I deposit my check on the same day to charge me over $30, that's ridiculous.
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Joeseph Kimley
There's an explanation of w...
There's an explanation of why BMO isn't one of the big three banks. They're phone banking hurts, taking too long to get in, and then nothing. Haven't seen a right branch in years, and the customer support associates don't have the resources to chat about. They all seem not to think about it, and they're super sluggish, stood in a four ppl line, and served after 20 min. Three tellers were working, too. BMO wants to update its in-person and telephone banking facilities. The next time I go to a branch, I'll be closing the account.
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Tony Matt
Radius Bank
The worst financial experie...
The worst financial experience of all time. I've had this account for only two weeks, and there have been more than a few issues. No one at this organization is inspired or willing to help me fix either of these problems. Customer support is inadequate. No boss is really "available," and the only response you get from the workers is to wait or call back later. Seven days lock on the most effortless 100 dollar transactions. Best of all, I've got my debit card for a week already, and they somehow can't make me trigger it. It's almost amusing how easy transfers are too tricky for Radius to tackle. All this experience was frustrating and a massive waste of time. To someone who reads this, go to some other bank to save yourself the trouble.
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Arnold Lloyd
Shore United Bank
Poor Customer service from ...
Just don't be dark skin going here, its in the middle of a hick town where being dark is not a ideal skin tone to get good service if you about DE even a little you know the lower you go the lighter you better be. The branch manger talked to me specifically with attitude as if I did something wrong. Over all not to patient if you have question and they make you feel like your beneath them. I was ask before I open this account was I sure like somebody like myself should not. its poor service at this Milford branch and in my experience as a dark skin male the branch manager did not come off personable as she did other fair skin elderly people. When you call get a teller God forbid she answer and she realizes you a colored person
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Cynthia Ledger
I haven't had any trouble w...
I've had a Capital One card for three years, and I haven't had any trouble with it until Covid struck. I figured they were helping me out just because they're not taking Sunday fees, which is stupid. My deposit was received on schedule, but it was postponed to the following day. The overdue payment was determined. You all ought to be embarrassed to tax hard-working and committed people who pay their bills on time, even if we do not have them after I have paid off this card. I'm going to delete my account. Ok, I'm disappointed. I talked to 2 supervisors, and they were no good. And the manager said today that I would never be reimbursed for the one-time charge, even though I have been on the Covid Reimbursement Schedule since March 2020.
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Peter Bronson
Favorite Card...
This card is my FAVORITE, and it's a gift to my family and me. I will stay at 4 and 5-star hotels. Switch points from this card to my preferred airline. I'm doing it for my company now. I pay for airline tickets only if the rate is "dirt cheap." .. There are no black dates. I just began using points to bless "my favorite son in law and daughter" for their anniversary weekend stay-still waiting for my second favorite grandchild. A far-away subscription fee weighs rewards and services.
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Marion B
Banque Transatlantique
They consider you to be stu...
If you are in a wheelchair, they consider you to be stupid !!! the physical handicap they do not know !!! Refusal of partial redemption of my life insurance, 2001 new rude adviser, no answer asks for a notarized power of attorney ??? All my requests have always been honoured without problems. I need it for work. No answer by email or phone, answer I have something else to do !!! when we go to the agency. Following a lawyer visit, she answers them. don't know anything, the bank decides? Even the medical certificate of good mental health is useless. To make matters worse, it is discrimination! Even the defender of rights is a puppet for them. So many worries to get your money back. For 40 years in this bank. Not for long, what a decline
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Katherine K
Banque Populaire
Bad bank, very expensive, o...
The bad bank, very expensive, old, rigid. Not at all beneficial for young people. Exorbitant account/bank card maintenance fees. Bad service, I went 2 months without a bank card, then I paid for 2 bank cards when I only had one (they changed my credit card offer without asking me) and I have to call them regularly because they charge unjustified charges on my account. The website/app is old, bank accounts not updated regularly. Transfers to external accounts are complicated and time-consuming to set up. I found myself at home because my parents were there but I want to change.
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Andes Pickering
Royal Bank of Scotland
I loved the service...
This bank has been treating me very well. I'd have had an issue with a business that took their time to make a refund of £89. The lady I talked to was Dana, I think, and she'd worked things out in ten minutes, and I've been there for months. Then she worked out a couple of other questions. The Royal Banks in Livingston and Ayr are successful, and the people there to help us are just what they're doing. They're getting us out.
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Kate Brown
Metro Bank
Worst service ...
Trying to close my Fixed Rate Savings Account today because I need the Deposit funds told a House could not do this because the justification is not extreme enough. Now I realise that I would potentially lose any confidence as a punishment, but should I have to lose my arm or leg, or this would still be considered not severe enough.
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Monica Kapoor
Key Bank
Only if I could have given ...
If I could have given them negative stars, I would have. It was addressed to the incorrect address first. Then the Act of God took another card to be shipped out after being on hold for hours and days and struggling with arrogant customer service agents who didn't want to take care of me and hanging up on me several times. Now have 3 outstanding hotel incidental charges released almost a month ago by hotels and have not yet returned to balance. Don't put this card in a register somewhere for incidentals or deposits. Might use the $300.
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Cassandra Lemy
How much we judge you, how ...
How much we judge you, how little do we compliment you? It is not the case for Karen. She was so supportive and patient in setting up my online mobile app for my Truist bank accounts. My technical skills are just decent, but only the same. Karen talked me through all that was needed. I'd like to believe that Karen is a highly respected employee of your good company. I figured you would enjoy the complimentary input. I've been a client since 2011.
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Alex Hardley
Citibank Singapore
My account was blocked...
My access account was blocked for no cause, and my account closed the next week with a balance of over $2000. I called Citi on the phone, and they said my account would be closed, and I still have to collect my credit and the formal email or mail that my account will be closed. It's been almost three months now, and Citi has kept my capital.
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Micheal Bay
Citizen Bank
Terrible service to the con...
Terrible service to the consumer! I had to get a new card to refund one of my fees, and I ended up waiting for my new card for around 1.5 months. They sent it several times, but I never got it until I changed my mate's address. And after all that, they made me pay for fast delivery. And this is where I ruined it, so they had to give me back all the money they paid me, plus some incentive. I figured it would be customized customer service to select Citizens Bank over Bank of America, but I didn't get any of that. Disappointed!
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Edmund Sean
It's just the worst bank...
It's just the worst bank and the worst customer service you can ever find. You've got to pressure your mortgage agent to comment for about a month. Never call me, never return calls, never fix problems. And this is their strategy everywhere, in various departments and provinces, since we have worked with them a lot. Unfortunately, unfortunately.
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Xavier Chase
Chase Bank
It doesn't matter if you pa...
It doesn't matter if you paid every bill on time and paid 3 times more than you spent. Chase doesn't work with you during a freaking pandemic that's affecting the world. They charge late fees, and the world's all-knowing is facing this. They've ruined my credit by late disclosing my cards, and then they've got the gall to tell me they can't do anything about customer reporting until I have a wait. You didn't encourage me to hold back. It's sick because they're getting wealthier, and we've got to suffer over something we're not responsible for! None of my other credit card providers have treated me like this yet. Don't bother buying a car from them because when things hit the fan, they don't worry about anything but getting wealthier. Now is their moment to take advantage of it!
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Bradley Prime
TD Bank
the TD Bank was suggested b...
When we came to Pennsylvania almost 20 years ago, the TD Bank was suggested by the family. I was scarcely eligible as a senior citizen. I've enjoyed a wonderful friendship with them over the years. They worked for me when things were tough. They've given excellent programmes. When it's hard for both of us in this challenging time, they're still there for me. TD is a safe place to get a bank for senior citizens, as I am confident it is for everyone.
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Aaron Levinkski
Credit Suisse
Takes time to open an accou...
So opening the account was troublesome. The online method was not running well. The help demanded further measures which could not be done. So I asked to be named to open the bank account directly. It took more than a week for them to call me up. At the time, I was still leaving the branch office with an account available ... Funny, guy. Since then, everything looks perfect. If everything doesn't work, the safest solution appears to be personal counselling. I'm going to share my more insight later.
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The most unbelievably low u...
The most unbelievably low user interface I've seen so far, beginning with dinosaur-age programs (don't think about contacting by text or eMail, only text) and very user-friendly processes: got me locked for failing my protection query (which is a lousy kind of protection anyway) and didn't submit an email with instructions or a decent error message when I tried to reconnect. But it wouldn't matter because the help center is just a US number (even one unique to Europe) that I can't deal with my new cell plan. I might expect anything like this from an organization of 30 low-cost workers, and all of them ... But who needs a well-established business for this kind of experience?
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Merril Lynch
I was going to close my per...
I was going to close my personal IRA account at Merrill-Lynch and transfer it to my employer account. What a headache, man. I told my financial planner and sent her client a thorough list of guidelines with a deadline as my boss switched to another provider within 24 days (I sent a time frame of less than that to keep it safe). Second, they did not read and comprehend the directions that were detailed. It took them 2 days to get to know the one side. Then they worsened up a trade that took over a week to figure out. They didn't inform me about the trade mess. Only after I've been told a couple of times did they admit there was a problem. Then, 3 days before the absolute deadline, they released a check for money leftovers, saying that it was not their dilemma to fix because it could not be deposited.
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In 1992, he funded his home...
In 1992, he funded his home with a firm that had "sold" the mortgage to CitiMortgage until 1998—refinanced by CitiMortage in 1998. When selling your house in 2020, we find that a proper bond release was not filed for the 1992 loan because CitiMortgage paid off its loan. Money had to be placed in Escrow if we decided to sell the house without a clear title. Dozens of emails from me and the closing agent at our title company, and 2 months later, we have not yet been told to Citi that this link release has been duly filed so that we can get our money from Escrow.
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Ashutosh Yadav
Indian Home Loan
Decent Bank...
Friendly bank with personalized support sources like the internet, etc. I love it. The Indian bank is cool. And mobile and net banking is also a positive thing, but atm is not always eligible. Bank deposit computer fabulous, it's a lot more like me than ever before. Since it can only be deposited within a fraction. Ok, I love it. So there's still so much change to be made in the future, I hope so.
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Edmond Lamonson
Password reset won't work...
I got my new credit card, attempted to validate delivery, and used my usual password, which I wrote down. Denied-my user name was the same as I used before, but my "old" password is no longer valid with the new rules. I tried three times to change my password using my usual methods and failed to do so. Then I used my 12-character recovery password (numbers and letters), and my machine hung up before I had decided to cancel it. At the time, I found myself accessing all my Visa Cards in my account. Fantastic, before you time me out and don't accept the 12 character password. Try to verify these relevant web sites before you post them! I don't know whether or not my new card is legitimate.
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Charles Pinter
BlackRock Funds
I have a few investments wi...
I have a few investments with you, with funding from the Unicredit Campo San Giacomo branch in Trieste. I got your note calling the January 3 meeting only after I got it at the end of January. I don't use the comments, but they speak for themselves. Common sense means that the shipment must take place at a good time, particularly when you're in front of them... Italian postal service .....In this situation, it should be delivered via mail, which will be done anyway, and so this note was sent after the date of the conference, I have to presume. Is there a secret or not secret purpose in this? Much of this happened the other year. Perhaps more than that. And is it common sense to call an assembly during the Christmas season, that is, a holiday? Or is there something set in it, too? In any case, all of this does not make me happy with your business, mainly because it makes me think of little concern for investors.
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