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Credit card comparison: CitiBank Citi Cash-back+ MasterCard versus Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit card

Credit card comparison: CitiBank Citi Cash-back+ MasterCard versus Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit card
By Karan Kapoor
Citibank and Standard Chartered have been one of the multinational banks working in Singapore. They have given amazing service. They offer great services such as loans, savings accounts, checking accounts and more. Their credit cards have the best facilities and great offers. We bring you a comparison of their best credit cards, Citi Bank Citi Cash-Back plus versus Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit Card. 
Both credit cards use the MasterCard network channel. 
CitiBank has been a part of Singapore’s banking sector since 1902. They have served every customer very proficiently. The Bank has been awarded as “Best Retail Bank in Singapore” by The Asian Banker. 
The Bank has been working for the people’s aid and has given smiles to many faces. 
Standard Chartered Bank was a history of more than 150 years. Its first branch was opened in 1859. Since then Standard Chartered has been among the first bank to receive the Qualifying Full Bank  
In October 2019, the bank announced that it would offer a Sustainable Deposit for both corporate and individual clients in Singapore. (The Asian Banker).
The Bank depicts ‘banking as a service’ and has given tremendous service to the people of Singapore.
CitiBank Citi Cash-back MasterCard
Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit card
Waiver period 
1 year
2 years
Annual Fee 
Grace period 
25 days 
No grace period 
Cashback percentage 
1.5 % on all expenditure 
1.6 % on all expenditure 
Max limit 
4 times your salary 
Late payment fee 
Cash advance 
Either 15$ or 6% of the transaction, whichever is higher 
6%, minimum $15
Overlimit fee 
Cashback cap
Digital Wallet compatible
With all major digital wallets
With all major digital wallets
Rebate system 
Income for locals 
Income for Foreigners 
Foreign exchange fee 
CitiBank Citi Cash-back MasterCard special offers 
4.5% cashback* on up to S$5,000 spend for the first 3 months 
Get deals locally and in 95 nations 
Citi Mobile app 
Citi world privileges and Citi Gourmet Pleasure 
Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit card special offers
0% interest instalment plan 
Easy temporary increase in credit limit 
Use MyInfo for instant Digital Card, and S$100(if you apply by MyInfo)
Good Life privileges and 
Both the credit cards have amazing offers and special deals, yet they offer similar services, and there is a thin line of comparison in both the credit cards. 
The Bottom Line
The Banks have a similar level of interests and offer if you get late in payments, or your salary day is not suitable with a grace period, then Standard Chartered Unlimited is your choice. But if you have a decent salary, and you love to spend then Citi Bank Citi Cashback plus is for you. 
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To apply: Standard Chartered Unlimited Credit Card
                 Citi Bank Citi Cashback plus Credit Card