I did not like this bank's Forex services

I opted for Banco Santander for its foreign exchange (Forex) services 2 years ago when the rate of exchange percentage was as low as 4.36% and I could easily convert my dollars to euros at a very low CETES fees and could buy a dollar at $18.56 and sell at $19.35 which was convenient for me and overall it cost me around $100 for any international funds transfer. But now, the rate of exchange has increased exponentially to 7.30% in TIIE per month, and 6.95% in CETES and 6.46% in IDU per month. Now my overall processing cost for an international funds transfer costs me around 250 US Dollars. This is a blatant increase as I have to cut costs on a lot of personal levels while transferring funds. It’s costing me more than I thought it would. Undermining foreign exchange services.

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