Most Recommended Retail Banks in the Middle East

The Most Recommended Retail Banks in the Middle East are ranked from a survey of 3,000 bank customers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE based on a BankQuality Score (BQS) derived from a net promoter assessment of each bank.

Key findings:
  • Banque Saudi Fransi is the Most Recommended Bank in the Middle East with a BQS of 101.55
  • Rounding up the top five Most Recommended Retail Banks in the Middle East are Commercial International Bank (Egypt), Emirates NBD (UAE), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (UAE), and Mashreq Bank (UAE)
  • Saudi Arabia has six banks in the top 10 ranking, while the United Arab Emirates has four
  • The Most Recommended Retail Banks in the Middle East with the highest scores are from the UAE and Saudi Arabia

BankQuality is a premier consumer rating and survey site designed and powered by The Asian Banker, enabling customers and users to rate and comment on their banking experiences. The platform aims to help bridge the gaps between consumers and their main banks, benchmark banks’ customer service quality and performance across region and markets, and motivate banks to provide better services to meet customer needs.


  • The online survey was conducted in August 2020
  • The survey covered a total sample size of 3,000, comprising of 1,000 respondents per market in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • The respondents are between the ages of 18 and 65 years, and have at least one bank account each

The BankQuality Scores (BQS) is derived from the standardised z-score of theNet Promoter Score (NPS) of “Main Bank” institutions, with mean set to 100, so that comparison can be made across markets. The final ranking excludes banks that achieved less than 30 'Main Bank' responses.

Rank (2020) Logo Bank Country BQS (2020)
1 Banque Saudi Fransi Saudi Arabia 01 101.55
2 Commercial International Bank (Egypt) Saudi Arabia 02 101.44
3 Emirates NBD Bank UAE 03 101.24
4 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank UAE 04 101.16
5 Mashreq Bank P.S.C. UAE 05 100.74
6 alawwal bank Saudi Arabia 06 100.63
7 Al Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia 07 100.42
8 Riyad Bank Saudi Arabia 08 100.35
9 Emirates Islamic Bank UAE 09 100.33
10 Samba Financial Group Saudi Arabia 10 100.26
11 Dubai Islamic Bank UAE 11 100.03
12 National Bank of Egypt Egypt 12 99.87
13 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank UAE 13 99.66
14 Banque Du Caire Egypt 14 99.52
15 First Abu Dhabi Bank UAE 15 99.46
16 Bank AlBilad Saudi Arabia 16 99.38
17 HSBC Bank Middle East Limited UAE 17 99.24
18 Banque Misr Egypt 18 99.17
19 The National Commercial Bank Saudi Arabia 19 98.94
20 Arab National Bank Saudi Arabia 20 98.47
21 National Bank of R.A.K UAE 21 98.14