I'm continuously getting struck over the bill of the fee.

I'm continuously getting struck over the bill of the fee. I still check the amount of money I have before I use my debit, but sometimes they don't put a price up until days afterward, I suppose. I went over 85 cents and put the money in my hands a couple of hours later. Five days after that, I was hit with a draught. A couple of times, I was charged with the draught, then I added all the fines, and a couple of times, I wasn't over. When I sent out the auto draught and didn't have the bank's money in time, I was paid an insignificant sum of money, and I understand why. In time, I didn't have the money in the act. It was entirely my fault. If I only go over 85 cents, and that's just because it says I have money in my action, then I deposit my check on the same day to charge me over $30, that's ridiculous.

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