Got my money stuck with them for a week

I recently opened up a new account with Truist Bank completely online with transferring funds from my main bank of business and this process usually takes 3 days with any bank. I opened an account with Truist due to the ease of opening an account online without wasting time going to the bank and signing paperwork. I neglected the “fine print” and I deposited my first payroll check from my job with them. When initially signing up, their paperwork that you can clearly state says that checks can typically be posted up to one full business day. However, what they do not clearly state is that you must be an established account holder to have this happened. The check was for $800 and I found out the funds will not be available to me for 7 days. This bank doesn’t offer direct deposit or I would have had no problems withdrawing my money the next day. Keep in mind, if you must deposit a check into a newly set up account, please keep in mind that you won't be able to touch that money until 7 days later. I would have been better off getting it cashed at one bank or at Kroger or Walmart and depositing. It may be out $3, but at least I would have my money immediately as I need it now rather than having to wait 7 days.

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