I was going to close my personal IRA account at Merrill-Lynch

I was going to close my personal IRA account at Merrill-Lynch and transfer it to my employer account. What a headache, man. I told my financial planner and sent her client a thorough list of guidelines with a deadline as my boss switched to another provider within 24 days (I sent a time frame of less than that to keep it safe). Second, they did not read and comprehend the directions that were detailed. It took them 2 days to get to know the one side. Then they worsened up a trade that took over a week to figure out. They didn't inform me about the trade mess. Only after I've been told a couple of times did they admit there was a problem. Then, 3 days before the absolute deadline, they released a check for money leftovers, saying that it was not their dilemma to fix because it could not be deposited.

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