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I appreciate the Capital One cluster for acknowledging ME as an individual and not only 1 of the numerous cardholders. You recognize, however, that it's once a family will base their character on your past. I had a horrifying year in 2019, with a car accident, therapy, etc. Thus I had a tough time maintaining my payments, 2 out of three cards were restricted, as well as the valuable job card that I worked thus seriously for. I had these accounts for approx five years or so insensible standing before 2019. not like one or two of my alternative card firms with constant history and same quality, they did not care and forthwith sent my accounts to collections. My sensible score plummeted over a hundred and eighty points to 580. The Capital One cluster failed to leave ME high and dry. I was referred to as in and therefore the CSR told ME my account was restricted. I had no plan what that meant, however, once I talked a lot along with her, it was over, done wearing down the credit.

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