I've got a MetLife party event compensation through my job.

I've got a MetLife party event compensation through my job. I've got 2 statements to make. On both cases, I was initially told that all my hospital bills had been compensated and that the ankle injury I had suffered the first allegation would be paid a minimum of $1,000. I got a cumulative sum of $335 for all my treatment costs. They wouldn't even pay for my crutches or physical therapy appointments, as they said they would. The second time I was attacked, I suffered two fractures in my lip. MetLife will not continue with the allegation until I showed them a police report that does not specify somewhere in their protocol that this is a condition. This is injury protection. It's expected to be hidden no matter what. They change their laws to meet their desires and attempt to exploit whatever gap they can to get out of paying the traditional insurance provider. I've had Aflac before, and they're 1,000 percent better off. A organisation that stands up and respects its deals. Keep the fuck away from MetLife. It's not even worth $3.50 every two weeks.

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