I've had several credit cards and accounts and flawless payment history for years

I've had several credit cards and accounts and flawless payment history for years, but one month my direct deposit didn't come through, and none of my bills were paid, I noticed out the problem had been resolved, but problems soon spiraled when it wasn't resolved right away, I called all of my banks, and out of four, only two agreed for me. Capital One was outstanding in reaching out to me and proposing a variety of ways to get back on track, making simple arrangements, and also giving me the chance to propose to them what I should do that I didn't take advantage of. I accepted one of their deals, and after two months, I was back on budget. I was already overdrawn, but my expenses were back on track. After a schedule was set, they didn't owe me any overdraft fees, late fees. I was just paid the first non-payment fees for the two missed payments until my savings and daily interest were fixed. The other two cards said that before I could offer a payment schedule, I had to be at least three months behind in payments, and by then, the cards doubled my accounts in fines and penalties, so I let them charge off but kept the two that worked in me. When my friends and family get credit card deals, I still tell them to go to Capital One. I'm never going to give that up, they were great, understanding, and they didn't make me feel any worse than I've always done.

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