Bad Experience with Capital One Bank

I had an account with Capital One MasterCard that had a $2000 limit. I want to pay money for it and obtain my payments there on time. One month, they added a late fee and said that my payment didn't get there when the statement clearly showed the amount found a minimum of two days before the day of the month. I kept trying to pay off this account, which they kept adding charges to. After that, they closed my online account and informed me that they were taking me to court. I kept writing letters and got no response. They sent me not one but two warrants. I want to jaunt Richmond, which is nearly 4 hours away, for the court. Since they probably knew that no-one would drive that far, they took out a judgment and told me they intended to collect anyway that they may. I repeatedly tried to tell them that I’d paid the monthly payment, but they'd not even answer my emails.

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