I've got many credit cards by now. Discover is my current one

I've got many credit cards by now. Discover is my current one. Their customer care is amicable and informative, and they're so sweet to go out of their way to support you. I like them so much that I inserted a new card a couple of months ago. They even pick up on scams when you buy things to get an instant text if you want to buy send back yes. I love to keep my online accounts very understandable. One of my non-Discover cards has made an online account. It's been impossible. Come to find out it wasn't just me. They had the kinks out, but they rarely used that card, so they didn't bother checking out a new platform. The incentives are incredible. Every three months, companies shift to get cashback, and the shops from October to December are the shops I usually shop at. It's Christmas season, but the prizes add up fast. I've always heard that Discover was terrific, plus my sister likes her locked-in interest rates. Discover for me is my preference because you can still speak to a person for 24 hours, even with a virus that nobody has shocked me. It's five gold—best far-off charging card.

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