Using my PAN card for other person account

I have my under my CIBIL report that a loan is linked with my PAN card from IDFC first bank. But I have never taken any loan from any bank. Even I don't have any relationship with IDFC bank. Then how they are using my PAN card to sanction a loan to any other person. Loan has already given in SEP... If I didn't check my CIBIL report then I think I could never be able to find this fraud by this bank. I don't know how their executives work....Our Banks have all our important documents, they can use wherever they can. Like this bank has used my PAN card. If a normal person don't know about CIBIL report or he never check CIBIL report, then how will he come to know about this type of frauds by banks. That means bank can do anything with our documents and we can't do anything.

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