WORST BANK! Save yourself the trouble and bank somewhere else

Poor customer service. Their employee was very rude to me the last time I was at the bank trying to follow up on my card. Imagine having to wait in line for 3 HOURS just to be mistreated. I was so shocked that I did not even had the chance to respond. I just went ahead almost teary-eyed from that experience. Shoutout to BPI RIZAL AVENUE BRANCH. Not everyone was rude though, I am very understanding when it comes to employees since delays are usually not their fault. But you could at least have the decency to treat your clients with respect. When I tried to go online hoping their Customer support could help me with my problem, they were just indifferent when I told them that I might close my account since there were so many red flags already. And don't even get me started with the online application. It was a nightmare. I would really just close my account with them. such incompetence.

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