Best Internet banking Service!

For someone who does not like using mobile technology to become dependent on it, I have been extremely engaged ever since my bank (Axis Bank) commenced my internet banking facility. Even though I am not a mature member of the bank as I become a customer only one year ago. But I have to say, At the start, I did not like my bank much as whenever I went to my bank for any deposit or withdrawal, the bank employees seemed too much occupied in their work and would literally have to call out 3 to 4 times to make them listen to my queries, but on the other hand, the solutions they provided were somewhat satisfactory. But then, according to my bank’s policies, I became eligible for internet/online bank 2 months later. And then everything changed. I got every facility from transferring funds directly from my bank account to the beneficiary’s bank account without having to worry about transferring funds on holidays. Now I don’t have to visit my bank very often and I am glad that I got such good internet banking services!

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