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I have been using financial services from the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) for nearly half a decade. This is the first time I am reviewing my banking facilities although I had much to say about the quality of the services my bank has offered me in the last five years. I have to say, that the digital banking services offered by my bank are quite extraordinary and are very user-friendly as well! When I started as a new account holder with my bank, I knew almost nothing as to how to operate my mobile banking application. But my bank’s internet banking app is very interactive and I was guided through everything, systematically. Overall, my DBS bank experience has been good so far, as I have got loans based on my saving transactions. Once I had to liquidate all my funds from my savings account as I urgently need the cash, and I was worried that y bank would charge a penalty on a negligible balance, but later I got to know that I could operate my account on a zero balance as well. Finally moving on to online bank transfers, DBS Bank’s online banking system is relatively far better than any bank I have witnessed before and is very secure to make any fund transfers nationally or internationally. I would recommend DBS Bank to anyone!

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