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Why should we talk about the quality of banks on Online Forums?

Why should we talk about the quality of banks on Online Forums?

Why should we talk about the quality of banks on online forums?


You might have come across various platforms or forums that host and address the latest topics of discussions related to any field or subject - online. There are often humbly set points of view which usually are guided by personal experiences. There are many such online platforms for debates and discussions that have turned into their respective global online communities.

If you look all across the internet, you will come to realize that many sites have forums which are based on various topics such as medicine, lawyer forums, political forums, and even some sites that talk about banks and financial institutions!

But, have you ever wondered why it is needed? Or is it needed at all? Why do people discuss certain issues?

Of course, it might seem very easy to answer this by saying that debates and discussions bring in rationality of thought and different perspectives altogether that help in combining different ideas to form a concrete choice. But there’s a lot more to discover…

Why it is important

Speaking of choice, there is always a choice involved in our ideas, which leads us to have expectations. And these expectations lead us to speak up on our thoughts. So is the case with Banks and Financial Institutions. The whole financial arena for a layman to understand is divided into two players - The customers and the Financial Institutions.

The customers remain keen on getting the best financial service provider they choose for in any service. An example of this can be selecting the right bank that offers the ‘perfect’ services on a savings account.

The financial institutions, in turn, try their best to optimize their products and services to offer a great ‘customer satisfaction.’ and it is often seen, that amongst the leading Financial Services giants, there is a competition against each other under the face of customer satisfaction.

The most debated and discussed topic that always remains in the limelight is – customer satisfaction. Because most people just can’t seem to stop talking about it. Why? Because it is perhaps the most important aspect that is looked upon very closely by people from all avenues and is the main venture behind any successful business. And since it is safe terming commercial banks as businesses, customer satisfaction tends to be a top priority for them.

BankQuality is another one such similar platform of discussion but in a slightly different way. It is a platform that allows people to write reviews on their experience with their banks, however, it may be. Whether, be it customer satisfaction, the quality of banks, you can connect with people around the world through our platform. Register now and start reviewing!

Quality: Discussed and realized

Customer satisfaction brings us to another very important and pressing matter which is - talking about the quality of the services provided by banks. Most recently, there have been substantial developments where there is a much wider and accepted network of discussions happening on various matters related to bank service quality. But why is this happening? Why is there an increasing awareness?

To answer these and all other such questions, let us consider the advantages of creating discussion platforms on such crucial topics. One immediate and prominent example of this advantage that comes fastest to the mind is – social media. It is often said that one should never underestimate the power of social media on today’s globally connected community of social media users.

Social media is, in fact, a very important tool that helps in spreading ideas, news, ideologies, and viewpoints on a larger scale. So the whole point of having a discussion online becomes even more effective with the use of social media, and as a matter of fact, these discussions and debating platforms become even more prominent to realize the actual quality of a product or a service as they act as social media platforms.

Furthermore, when it comes to discussing about the quality services offered by banks and other financial institutions, we tend to become a bit more critical, which is good for the overall health of the financial system, as positive criticism leads to perfection, and while there is always a room for improvement, the criticism needs to be guided in the right direction to achieve optimized results.

Introducing – BankQuality

With this idea and awareness of making these discussions become pragmatic in the real sense and help make the financial system a better place, BankQuality is an avid and a unique concept which has an exquisite aim to improve the quality of banks and other financial institutions by creating a very authentic and never seen before ‘reviewing platform’ to two types of people. One who is actively involved in discussing and reviewing products and services, and the second type of person involves the people who are first-time engagers with any financial institution.

BankQuality eases the whole process of searching and finding appropriate institutions to engage with for the people who are first-timers and are having difficulties in deciding what to look for in a good bank. These people can read reviews based on personal experiences depending on a particular type of institution and the region within a country, not to mention that it is a global platform.  So these reviews become a deciding factor for such people.

If you are either one of these two types of people or both, we encourage you to express your views or read the views if you are the latter. Click here to join other people in writing reviews for your bank!