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Investment advices by billionaire Warren Buffett

Investment advices by billionaire Warren Buffett
By Karan Kapoor


The greatest billionaires look up to him for investment advice, so why can’t a common man. Everyone can invest if they want to grow. 
Investment is an asset acquired with the main incentive to gain some income or profits. In economic terms, investment is an asset acquired, not for consumption but to gain wealth in the coming future. 
Investment can be done anywhere, in stocks, property, mutual funds, and even in people. 
Investing in shares, debentures and mutual funds is considered to be better because they provide better returns and they help us to grow a good business profile. 
Warren Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is considered to be amazing inspiration and advisers for investing. He gains a lot from his investments, he also came to be known as the “Oracle of Omaha”. He got his nickname due to a keen eye in his investments. He has invested with a good analysis. He created his mantras of investing which he shares with the world. 
We have shortlisted some, for new investors into stocks, so that you don’t go haywire while investing your money. 
Invest in what you know 
Rather than investing in what you don’t know, invest in what you know. It will allow you to critically think about your outcomes and to analyze how much to invest. You will make fewer mistakes and there is a better chance of greater outcome. Some companies that have a good return history, they also have a complex system that might make you make a mistake in investing. 
Doing something we don’t know is an adventure, which sometimes results in a loss, in investment, it is really crucial to avoid adventure and risk. 
“Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” – Warren Buffett
Always buy undervalued stocks 
Warren Buffet always keeps a keen eye into undervalued stocks, the pink slip, the penny stocks. These stocks have a big chance to allow you to move up. Undervalued, as the word means something below the normal value, also when you buy the stock at undervalue, you will get a good return as the investment reaches its normal value. Calculating on all aspects, the intrinsic value, and is there any debt or not. Another aspect to analyze the companies who have a monopoly. 
Buy and hold 
Once you buy an investment, then hold onto it. Buffet himself, even if he buys a loss-making investment, he holds onto it. He is a captain and the investments are his boats, he holds onto them even in high tides and heavy storms. He holds the record to keep an investment for 20 years, holding onto your investment for such a time period, is like aeons in the market world. Patience is the key to success. 
He hasn’t bought a lot of investments in a while, last he went mad on buying was during the Great Recession. 
Be cautious when the world is in greed 
As great men give great sayings, Warren Buffet once said: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” 
Most importantly you ought to stay away from the stocks that every other person is purchasing, as they presumably are exaggerated. Rather, search for the stocks that a couple of individuals are focusing on, check their essentials and contribute on the off chance that it bodes well.
Know the difference between Price and Value
The Price is what you have paid, and Value is what the outcome of what you paid. It is like you went to a restaurant, where your bill was quite inexpensive but the food was exquisite. The taste of the food is the Value and the money paid is the Price. In investments, the value keeps fluctuating and changing. 
There are a lot of firms that emerge after a very huge downfall. The companies that have strengthened themselves over the time period. 
In simpler terms, the value of the company cannot be defined by its stock price 
The best move is always boring 
Investing in the stock market has never meant you will get rich overnight, those who became wealthy in one night have also lost a lot in a night. This has led to people investing more and more yet failing more. The people who invest and grow slowly are still the bulls of the market. Stock market is meant to grow moderately over a prolonged period of time. 
It is better to invest in the companies who have proven their worth, rather than new emerging winners. 
“We make no attempt to pick the few winners that will emerge from an ocean of unproven enterprises. We’re not smart enough to do that, and we know it.” – Warren Buffett
It is true that there are risks, and you have to analyze when investing, there is no rocket science but it isn’t that easy. If it was everyone would have been a millionaire by now. 
To analyze what Warren Buffet would buy check out Mutual Funds Warren Buffet would buy. It might help you to see what the billionaire thinks. 

We ought to idolize them, why not Do what they Do!