Quality Reviewed and Realized: Why and How

Quality Reviewed and Realized: Why and How

Quality Reviewed and Realized: Why and How

Long before our inception, some of us who now administer Bank Quality started to develop concerns that grew out of some personal experiences where we saw that some people faced everyday problems managing their bank accounts, running around from one desk to another only to find they remained unsuccessful in reclaiming their issues. These people were consequently demoralized as this was something they wouldn’t want on top of their priority list of problems. 

And even though this might have seemed insignificant, we found this issue pivotal, speaking empathetically from a dual perspective that this would, in turn, hinder the reputation those banks have worked hard to build and would degrade the faith of those who are the main source of their bread - the customers. 

Upon further research into the matter, we found that these people could not go anywhere else with their complaints being rejected once and for all.

We HAD to do something! 

Since we could not do anything directly to help all these people because evidently, it was impossible to help everyone personally on one hand and our desire to help was overwhelming on the other, we decided to find a middle path. Thus took birth, the idea of Bankquality.


What we are all about

We created this platform solely for the purpose of providing our audience with what’s best for them. A reviewing platform like ours is necessary for not only citing your concerns, but reviews become an essential factor in application when, people who are struggling to decide on which financial institution to engage with, base their decision on those written reviews just by merely looking at which financial institution has the best reviews under a particular category. Don’t just believe us as it is,  Click here to raise your voice against your banks and see how it all works!

Here is a brief example to better illustrate how our reviewing platform works;

"An Egyptian customer shared his experience about being happily associated with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank since the last two years and reviewed that he was really impressed by the customer service of his bank and highly appreciated it further mentioning that customer service executives were really good at considering the customer’s opinion and were really helpful."


In conclusion, we infer from such examples that any person around the world, since ours is a global platform, who comes to our website reads all the reviews, good and bad – forms their opinions based on them, thus personally choosing what is right and best for them. We help to connect the people who want to write reviews based on the experience with their banks to people who want to read the reviews to choose what may be best suited for them based on the written reviews.

A viewer may not only read and review banks but may choose from and review any of the wide variety of financial services such as digital wallets, money transfers, credit card companies, finance companies, money lenders and insurance – offered by us. We let you review them all! Learn more about us TODAY!


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