Are you chastened and tired because of your bank staff?

Are you chastened and tired because of your bank staff?

Are you chastened and tired because of your bank staff?     


We all have problems to deal with in our everyday life, but when Banks are added to the equation, life seems to go out of balance.

A wise man once said, “it’s easy to open up a bank account, but very difficult to maintain it.” Now, while there are many aspects of difficulties associated with handing our bank accounts, one such problem is having to deal with your bank staff now and then.

Let us talk about some of the problems faced by customers with regards to the bank staff and what causes these problems to arise and HOW they CAN be solved:

The first thing you think you observe when you walk in that door is the young bank officials smiling at you and their bodies echoing the words "how may I help you?"

But that does not usually happen... does it?

Sometimes instead, you are greeted with coarse expressions, the staff not making eye contact while you are addressing your problems or even the usual business and you begin to think that is there even a point of all this service when you - their customer is shunned into a shady lapse of silence by the exhaustive impassiveness?

While you are still in confusion about the naive treatment you receive by the staff's unspoken unprofessional behavior and having second thoughts about ever opening your account with these people in the first place, they prove to be inefficient and disorganized in providing knowledgeable solutions to you.

You likely reach an impasse when it comes to be provided with a solution. Besides all the voluntary reasons mentioned above, this may be possible due to the staff not being updated with appropriate and sufficient information and May even lack the ability to promptly answer your question.

This can happen with not only you, but has happened with a lot of people across the world as this is a common problem that may arise. Read more about the similar experiences of different people and rescue yourself from being a victim of this problem.

So, there is an urgent need to ask, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?

Some possible arguments would be;

The ability to communicate with people is of great value, communication is the key as a matter of fact. Especially when you are involved in a situation that requires you to be actively sound where you are constantly surrounded by people, which takes a lot of effort I agree. One tends to forget all their manners which are again, perfectly human, but eventually leading to their confidence and morale to steer down. This falter is usually seen in the bank employees where the lack of their interpersonal skills directly impacts their confidence and the confidence in their customers. 

Consistency is of core value when we talk of customer service. Mostly the problem arises when you are not provided for what you need - a conclusive resolution - and when you need it, consequently leading to the rising distrust of customers with the staff. Providing consistent information is very crucial to financial institutions aspiring to provide the best banking customer service. 

Another uprooting factor for the disappointment in the customers is that financial institutions tend to be just lenders to micro business owners who are looking more than just lenders to help them. The problem today is that most banks have failed to realize that they need to do more than just lend and play a greater role in advising these micro-businesses.

In conclusion, for all the plausible arguments we have so far discussed, the solution lies in; 

a) Empowering the employees to better communicate with their customers and prompt them to provide an effective and ready solution with graceful expressions.

b) To remain competitive, banks need to channel a constant 24-hour help support and anytime access to banking, be it on any platform and also empower their customers to be self-reliant with the associated use of technology.

c) Last but surely not least, financial institutions need to realize the opportunity to do business with customers owning Microbusiness, rather than just being a mere money lender. As they say, there is much more you can do to help a person apart from financially helping them.


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