Yes Bank


30 May, 2019
1.1 Stars

Card Replacements and Transaction Issues Often

I am holding an NRI /NRO account with FYesss Bank since 2015. Its been a pain all these years. Always had issues with my card. I approached the bank in 2015 to open an account and ended up with 4 accounts there. I had master cards with all my account. After a year they canceled the card with email notification and send a Rupay Debit Card. The Rupay Card cannot be used for international payments. Being an NRI its useless. The same happened with other accounts with Yes Bank. Now I am screwed as the cards cannot process payments of Linkedin, Google, Microsoft Subscriptions. Every time they replace a card my monthly payments get bounced and lead service disconnection from the providers. For the past 3 months, I am behind them to seek this issue and they are so useless that they need more and more time. Initially, the Service will be good. Once you get used to the bank, the officials turn to be so incorporative. Better find a bank with Good Service. For the long run, don't waste your time with them.

24 May, 2019
1 Stars

Fraud Case against Yes Bank Credit Card Department

I got a call from someone who worked for YesBank i.e. the Department of Credit Cards. He told me I had a credit card offer. So he asked me to apply for a credit card, but I told him I had already applied for two other banks but was dismissed but I didn't know the reason for the dismissal. Despite telling him all this, yes bank guy told me I got a salary account offer so you'll get a credit card from our bank as per the credit card requests I've applied for and after 7 days I got a text message that included the reference number i.e. 1905151026198. And later on the ninth day, I got an address verification call, it was a lady calling for it to verify everything and ltr she asked me where you want them to deliver the credit card and I told them to deliver it to my office address and they agreed. I finally got a message after all this process that you are not eligible for the yes bank credit card and the reason was not explained. So I need some to take action against this Yes bank credit card department.


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