18 Nov, 2015
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Bribery Concerns

I am writing with grave concern about the service of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). Like in some offices, bribe is the only way to get the job done, the same way KCB bank executives are trying to extract 'bribe' in different form. I am not sure if it is the instruction from management to force customer to take some KCB bank deposit scheme, but for sure once I disclose that I am not interested to take this schemes, the executives simply does not process the request. This time I am facing difficulty opening PPF a/c in the city center branch. Hope you do something about that. They again and again called me saying this document missing, some signature missing in that place etc etc. Visiting the executive means again I need to provide explanation why I am not interested to take the schemes as if I am guilty from my side. Still I visited the branch everytime they called and requested again and again to check the document properly as I will be out of country and won't be able to come in person in the branch. It might be happening because you set a target for them to achieve, but it is not my concern as a customer to fulfill all the requests of the executive. I am sorry to say that as a privileged customer, I am receiving more privilege only in getting harassed.


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