11 Dec, 2015
1 Stars

Harassment customer service

I encountered the most ridiculous thing ever - cancelled a credit card couple of months ago and recently I kept receiving automated calls telling me that a credit card is overdue. So I logged on to my internet banking and nothing outstanding is shown. Finally I called customer service only to learn that the so-called overdue card is the cancelled card! And the amount is USD2.64 plus late charges etc! And the reason given why I can't see it in my internet banking is because the card was cancelled, and I didn't receive any physical bill because it was still in i-banking mode. And you expect your customer to know there is an outstanding amount when she can't see any bill? There must be a serious loophole here. At least send a reminder letter?? What I find ridiculous is I am being charged late charges etc for a card I already cleared and cancelled! And getting awoken from my sleep by the numerous "no caller ID" calls which are your automated reminders is no joke! Kindly get your credit department and any other related department to look into how you can further improve your processes instead of inconveniencing your customers further. Thank you.


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