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13 Jan, 2015

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Originally a customer in the UK, I relocated to Singapore and wanted to keep banking with HSBC.

Originally a customer in the UK, I relocated to Singapore and wanted to keep banking with HSBC. Now, I wish I hadn't. Despite months of preparation, an international account application was unsuccessful with the call centre manager simply saying "We have let you down" before wishing me luck creating a separate account in Singapore. Now, despite a decade of history with the bank, I have had to start from scratch only to be met with inept support staff unable to complete simple tasks (like linking online accounts) or baffled by others ("How can you have two nationalities?"). I am in the process of completing the account but feel that, if there are any more problems, I will forgo the account and bank with someone else, even if it means, once again, starting from scratch. "HSBC - the world's local bank...because it can't comprehend anything beyond the horizon."

Hazza Al-mammri
15 Oct, 2015

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No customer service

My account was debited without trace nor transaction location or company profile of my debitor. How can you tell me I made a transaction I know nothing about in June 2015 and you are debiting me on October 2015 even on an expired card dated for January 2015. And you charged me twice for this transaction which I did not make. Please don't make me scream as I am very frustrated with your customer service. My account need an urgent attention. You did same thing to me last year with my ATM card. The most annoying thing about your service is that you claim to listen but you don't act. Even when you manage to act out of pressure you don't follow up to verify if your client issue has been resolved or if they are satisfied unlike other banks. Stop giving us the impression you care about your customer.

carina v borcelis
14 Jun, 2016

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More counters for OTC transactions

I've been a Landbank Legaspi Branch customer for almost a year now where I am maintaining a savings account. Considering the amount of time of being their customer, I really can't say anything bad about their service especially I find convenience in their online banking. I can monitor my account anytime anywhere. But there's one thing that I want to highlight, I hope they can add up more counters for OTC transactions. Landbank is known for so many clients more specifically in government so i hope they consider adding more counters to cater to us. I usually consumed 1-2 hours of my time during over the counter transactions because of long lines. That's all.