About BankQuality.com

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Welcome to BankQuality.com, the world's premier site for rating and commenting on your financial service provider. In its scope and architecture, BankQuality.com is a new venture in the field of banking and its objectives are simple; to facilitate the process of bridging the gaps between you and your bank(s) by:

  • Empowering and encouraging you to express your everyday experiences of banking
  • Motivating banks to provide better services and meet your needs by providing them with market intelligence and insights

BankQuality.com is powered by T.A.B. International, a leading provider of strategic intelligence on the financial services industry, established since 1996. We are in the business of helping financial decision makers develop creative solutions around research and intelligence to achieve tangible business goals.

The website is a work in progress. With each day we expand and evolve. We welcome any suggestions, criticisms and ideas from you that can contribute in developing content and tools based on your needs.

How it works ?

BankQuality.com gathers information on the quality of services and recent developments in the global financial services industry through surveys and our ‘Your Ratings and Comment’s section. The information collated will be used to evaluate the financial institutions.

Feedback or comments to share positive and negative experiences Feedback Forum

This section bundles together the opinion of banking customers all over the world. It will provide you with the most comprehensive overview of personal insights into banking institutions in your country. We will be building the list of countries covered over a period of time, starting first with banks in the Asia Pacific region. You can share your experience about the products and service you encounter at your bank and submit them on our site.

A-Z Banking List Institution Name List

If you would like to go through comments and ratings that have been made on the service providers you are interested in, you can have a quick glance at our exhaustive list of financial institutions. The list has been divided into retail and small business service providers.

Execellence Award in Retail Banking Survey Surveys

We intend to introduce a criterion of direct customer feedback for quality evaluation of banks and small business service providers as part of a larger quality awards programme run by The Asian Banker. Your feedback on this website will contribute to our assessment for the 2014 edition.

Our surveys are constructed to understand the level of satisfaction and quality of service you receive from the financial institutions you engage with.

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Emmanuel Daniel